Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day FrogsWell we’re nearly halfway through January which means that Valentine’s Day isn’t that far away.   If you’re a romantic at heart (or even if you just love someone who is) then you’ll be thinking about how to celebrate your Valentine’s Day this year.

There are lots of cool ways to celebrate from breakfast in bed to a romantic picnic lunch, cocktails for two in the evening or even a trip away.   The thing I love most about this holiday is that you can go all out or very low key and still have a fantastic time.   Did you know even Zombies can enjoy Valentine’s Day?   It’s all about how well you know your partner really.

There are a few things which I think are important to observe and one of them is the time honored Valentine’s Day card, a card is something that the most romantic of us will keep and look at in years to come to recall a particular Valentine’s.

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Valentine’s Day Cards

Here are a few cute Valentine’s Day Cards, but there are lots of alternatives if these aren’t your ‘style’.   Personally I love many of the themed Valentine’s Day cards like – Zombie Valentine’s Day cards or Geeky Valentine’s Day cards etc.


Be Mine Greeting CardBears Valentines Day CardTwo Hearts Card

Of course after the card comes the rest of the day and what that involves is going to be different for everyone….

Creating Valentine’s Day Memories

Celebrating Valentines Day Some people like to send flowers, others prefer gifts that will last (and some do both!).   Then there’s the day itself – spending the whole day together can be wonderful, although not always possible.

A romantic breakfast in bed is a great way to start your day, but if you’re both rushing off to work a leisurely breakfast may not be possible – there are a few things you can do though.   Make your partner some toast and cut it into a heart shape for them – very cute!

If they’re racing out the door to catch the train then make them a tea/coffee in a new travel mug, you could even throw a breakfast muffin or something in a bag for them to eat…….add in a little love note if you like as well.

If you’re apart for the day then a romantic dinner is a great way to come together.   Dinner out might be nice, but if you have a young family and/or a tight budget you can always make dinner in a romantic destination at your place.   When the kids are in bed mix up a romantic cocktail or two and prepare their favorite dinner.   Turn off the lights and eat by candlelight and just enjoy each other’s company.

Of course if you both love movies you could just curl up on the sofa together and eat popcorn while you watch a movie together, if the weather is cool where you are even better because there’s nothing more romantic than curling up on the sofa together under a cosy rug.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Not everyone gives gifts on Valentine’s Day, but any that are received are usually appreciated.   I find that some of the best gifts actually don’t have to be the most expensive either.   There are some great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day on this page – Romantic Gift Ideas.

For me you can’t go past chocolate, although I did love my heart shaped mug as well (I love my cup of tea almost as much as chocolate!).   My hubby is happy to get a massage or a back scratch so a book of vouchers for these is a great idea.

Sometimes the most romantic gifts aren’t roses, chocolates or jewelry, but things that show that you’ve been listening and/or know their loves and desires – zombie themed gifts, superhero themed gifts, lego themed gifts or something that they have really wanted for ages, but you weren’t able to get them for Christmas.

However you celebrate February 14th I hope it’s a great day for you and your loved ones.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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