Collectible Rubber Ducks

Collectible rubber ducksI have to admit that when I was younger and had my own (rather boring now) rubber duck I never imagined that you’d be able to get some really unique collectible rubber ducks one day.

These unique rubber duckies are none other than celebrities of the duck world known by names such as Marilyn and Elvis, famous ducks with royal blood or those who sing for a living or write plays – there are too many rubber ducks to mention, but let’s look at a few of my favorites.

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Celebrity Rubber Duckies

Oh Rubber Ducky – You’re a Celeb!

Who doesn’t love the Rubber Ducky? They are truly a pop icon in their own right so what happens when they meet other icons? You have a Celebriduck!

Yes the original Rubber Ducky that we all know and love has been pushed aside by a new range of bath toys known as Celebriducks.

Read on to see what happens when a Rubber Ducky mixes with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley!

Marilyn Monroe Rubber Ducky

A Legendary Celebriduck!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend……..but a rubber ducky is the next best thing!


 CelebriDucks Marilyn Monroe RUBBER DUCK


“Happy Birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday Rubber Ducky,

happy birthday to you”

Elvis Presley – The King of Celebriducks

To put it in the words of Elvis himself –

“You ain’t nothing but a rubber ducky and you ain’t no friend of mine!”

 CelebriDucks Elvis Presley RUBBER DUCK

James Brown – The Godfather of Celebriducks!

From the King to the Godfather of Soul….

 CelebriDucks James Brown RUBBER DUCK Green

Michael Jackson – A Thrilling Celebriduck!

From the King of Rock and Godfather of Soul we progress to the undisputed King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

 Michael Jackson Rubber Duck by Celebriducks

Gene Simmons – Kiss – An Unmistakable Celebriduck

Gene Simmons, best known as the lead singer of Kiss is unmistakable with the make-up and tongue on this Rubber Ducky!

 CelebriDucks KISS ‘The Demon’ RUBBER DUCK Gene Simmons

The Pope – A Godly Celebriduck

Our Father who art in heaven…..

 Celebriducks Pope, Original Collectible Celebriduck, Duck Gift, Rubber Duck Collectible, Bath Toy.

If you’re in the bath with a Papal Rubber Ducky, does that mean your bathwater is holy water? This is a serious question you know!

There are a number of other religious themed rubber duckies including Jesus, Moses or even a nun.


More Celebriduck Rubber Duckies to Collect

These next rubber duckies have on occasion been hard to source so they really are worth collecting whenever available.   They really are fun rubber ducks!

Shakespeare Collectible Rubber Duck

The bard himself has uttered many words such as –

‘Rubber Ducky, Rubber Ducky my kingdom for a Rubber Ducky’ and ‘where for art thou Rubber Ducky’


 CelebriDucks William Shakespeare RUBBER DUCK


Queen Elizabeth I Rubber Duck

A contemporary of Shakespeare’s – Queen Elizabeth I has also been immortalized with her own duck……..rumor has it that the present Queen Elizabeth (number II) has a Rubber Ducky of her own that graces her private bath!

 Celebriducks Queen Elizabeth, Original Collectible Celebriduck, Duck Gift, Rubber Duck Collectible, Bath Toy

Elizabeth I has said

“I have placed my strengths in the loyal hearts of my subjects.”

Might she have also added and I have placed my love in my favorite rubber ducky?

James Dean Rubber Ducky

 Celebriducks James Dean, Original Collectible Celebriduck, Duck Gift, Rubber Duck Collectible, Bath Toy. by CelebriDucks

James Dean is quoted as saying –

” Dream as if you’ll live forever.

Live as if you’ll die today.”

And always, always…..

look after your Rubber Ducky!

Mae West Celebriduck

Saucy heartbreaker Mae West always had something to say such as

“Why don’t you bring your Rubber Ducky on up and see me sometime?”

 CelebriDucks Mae West RUBBER DUCK

There are so many more fantastic Celebriducks available so have fun looking for them and find the perfect one for yourself and/or as a gift for someone.

Collectible Rubber Duckies - Celebriducks when celebrities meet your favorite yellow rubber ducky!

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