My First Arbonne 30 Day Plan to Healthy Living – Week Three

30 Days to Healthy LivingIf you’ve landed on this page from an earlier post then you’ll already know what the Arbonne 30 Day plan is all about, but in case you haven’t here’s a few links you might want to check out first –

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Now here’s my journal entries for this week, but they come with an apology I actually didn’t do a good job of writing in my journal this week, sorry about that.  At least you know they’re genuine, I mean I can’t be the only one that misses things from their journal can I?

January 15th 2018

Well it was a lot cooler today and our walk was very pleasant, when we walked along the bush trail part of our walk there was a tree across the trail from the high winds of yesterday.  It’s funny because I do have to do a couple of things and I’ve been thinking about them quite a bit over the weekend, but my mind keeps throwing up obstacles – I wonder if the world is trying to tell me just to get over the obstacles like I went around the tree?  Anyway when we got home it was weigh in time …

I lost a whooping 400grams this week!  This is why it’s always a good idea to take your measurements as well because your weightloss isn’t always going to be in the kilos like it was for me on week one.

I lost a total of 8.6 cm this week – the biggest winner were my hips where I lost 3.7 cm.   Definitely a cause for celebration and knowing that I was still loosing centimetres (which are what gets noticed) helps to stop you feeling deflated if the scales don’t give you a big drop!

Breakfast was a vanilla meal replacement made up with a scoop of fibre and water.

I actually forgot to write anything past breakfast in here (I’ve been at work!), but I had a shake for my lunch and my twist on a turkey and sweet potato shepherds pie.  I used a turkey shepherds pie recipe from our private online support group (I don’t think I made any substitutions to it) for the ‘base’ part of the shepherds pie and then I adapted the sweet potato mash.   I personally love sweet potato, but not so much as a mash so I used my mandoline and sliced the sweet potato and laid the slices on the top like you do with a hotpot – I covered it with foil for half the time it was in the oven and then removed the foil.   I loved it, very nice indeed.

January 16th 2018

I had turkey chili on some black bean chips with fresh tomato and spring onion salsa on top for my dinner – delicious.  Technically I shouldn’t have had the black bean chips as they were processed, but all of the ingredients were on the approved list and it was just so nice to feel like I was having nachos with the family (I must admit I would have enjoyed them even more if I was allowed cheese!)

January 17th 2018

chocolate protein shake with greens balance and frozen strawberriesBreakfast consisted of a vanilla meal replacement shake made with a scoop of fibre and water.

A boiled egg was for morning tea.

Lunch was a chocolate protein shake made with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries.

In the afternoon I had a fizzy and a few nuts.

Leftovers, apple and almond butter made up my dinner.

January 18th 2018

Vanilla meal replacement made with water, fibre and a spoonful of almond butter – not my favorite with the almond butter!


Chocolate protein powder made with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries.


Eggs and salad

January 19th 2018

I decided to shake things up today – I’m going to have my main meal at lunch time as the last few days I’ve really be craving carbs in the afternoon even after having my fizz stick.

We had a short walk and I came home and bagged up a couple of garbage bags of leafs from the front garden which hardly left a dent but did provide a different type of exercise!

arbonne herbal tea
I always have a cup of Arbonne herbal tea in the morning!

This morning I had a vanilla meal replacement and I added water, a scoop of fibre, a scoop of greens and a handful of frozen strawberries – this is yummy!  I’m really hoping that the scoop of greens in the morning will give me a boost as I’ve been feeling tired for the last few days.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the plan just that on some days when I’ve been at the office my brain doesn’t switch off early enough at night so I don’t get enough sleep.  The last two mornings I’ve actually gotten up at 7 and 7.30 respectively instead of 5.30!

Lunch was some turkey with a little brown rice salad (leftover brown rice, cherry tomatoes, baby capsicum, spring onion) and a large green salad (spinach, cucumber, lettuce, kale).  It felt really nice to eat something at lunch time instead of having a shake I must admit.

I had a fizz stick in the afternoon and then about 4.30 I had a green apple with almond butter (planning on having my evening shake late as we have a late night tonight).

My evening shake was at 7.30 which is very late for me to be eating (I usually try not to eat after 7), but probably won’t get to bed until midnight at least so..

The evening shake was a chocolate protein shake made with water, a handful of baby spinach and some frozen strawberries, it was really delicious.

January 20th 2018

This morning I totally overslept, I’m surprised by how tired I’ve been the past 3 days, not sure why this is.  My husband isn’t sure that I’m eating enough which is making me tired and I’m wondering if it’s because of someone I work with who totally saps my energy as I’ve been finding myself (pre-30 day plan) feeling exhausted for a couple of days after my 5 days shift and needing to just relax and collect myself.

Breakfast was a vanilla meal replacement shake made with a scoop of fibre, handful of spinach, a few frozen strawberries and almond milk – very nice.

We were out during the day and my daughter forgot to bring a snack so I only had half a green apple for morning tea!

Lunch was a chocolate protein shake made with almond milk, scoop of greens balance and some frozen strawberries – I found I didn’t really taste the strawberries so if I use almond milk with chocolate again I won’t bother with berries.

I had a fizz stick during the afternoon.

Dinner was some gluten free and preservative free greek lamb sausages with roasted sweet potato and a medley of veg – I sautéed some capsicum and spring onion, then I threw in some quartered and some halved (depending on the size) cherry tomatoes, a sprinkle of dried oregano and once they were warmed through I popped in a very large handful of baby spinach and let that wilt right down.  It was a delicious meal.

January 21st 2018

Breakfast was a vanilla meal replacement made with almond milk, a scoop of fibre, a small handful of baby spinach and some frozen strawberries.

Morning tea was a green apple cut into slices with a side of almond butter.  Whether you’re on the 30 day plan or not try dipping green apple into almond butter it is a d e l i c i o u s snack!

Lunch was a chocolate protein shake made with water, a scoop of greens balance and some frozen strawberries.

turkey salad bowlI had a fizz stick in the early afternoon and a boiled egg in the late afternoon (husband and daughter were eating M&Ms so I don’t think I was really hungry when I had it I was just trying to avoid the temptation!)

A quick evening walk and then dinner was a turkey salad bowl – turkey, roasted sweet potato, carrots, mixed lettuce leafs, cucumber, a fresh salsa on the top consisting of baby capsicums, spring onions and cherry tomatoes.

Now that week three is over, let’s check out week four!

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