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Louanne aka Lou16, bloggerI write about so many different things that I’ve created several websites and blogs (I also write on a number of different multi-author sites). As well as writing I also have some Printed on Demand (POD) stores.
This page is basically an index page for people to find out where you can find me lurking in this enormous online world that we affectionately call ‘the web’.

Websites & Blogs

Enjoy checking out all of my different sites, just click on the image to go straight to the relevant site –


….and there’s still more!


Other Places I Write

Lou16, bloggerI also write about a range of different things on some multi-author sites –

Lou16’s articles on Review This Reviews
Lou16’s articles on Hubpages
Lou165’s articles on Hubpages
Lou16’s articles on Wizzley

My Print on Demand Work

I have designs available on two different POD sites – Zazzle and Redbubble. Redbubble is the newist POD that I’ve used and my limited designs can be found here –
Lou16 on Redbubble
When it comes to Zazzle, however I need a whole new section to this page!

My Zazzle Stores

Lou16, photographerI love working on Zazzle and my first store – Lou’s Zazzle Store – got very big and a real mishmash of styles from photography to text based designs and everything in between. I decided to start a second shop which then morphed into lots of different stores as you can see below.

Beachcombing – Bringing the beach to you
Cartoon Animals – Fun animal designs the whole family will love
Chasing Waterfalls – Chasing waterfalls is good for your soul
Christmas Holidays – Spreading the joy of Christmas all year round
Cute Gothic – Because gothic can be cute too
Hooting Owls – Owls, owls and more owls
Images of History – See history through these images
Kiwiana Shop – For all your Kiwi needs
Looking Back in Time – Looking back at a snapshot of life in a different era
My Wedding Store – For all your wedding needs
Postcards From – Travel the world with postcards
The iPod Store – Because your ipod deserves to look good
Watching Seagulls – Seagulls are the sea birds with personality

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