D20 Necklaces – A Perfect Geeky Gift Idea

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A 20-Sided Dice Necklace Makes a Great Gift Idea

I was casually browsing ThinkGeek.com, as you do, and I came across this simply gorgeous necklace. Now I’ve seen D20 necklaces before, but I loved this, what do you think?

20 sided dice stainless steel necklace
20 Sided Dice Stainless Steel Necklace

This necklace is made of stainless steel and comes on a rope chain, they say it’s unisex, but to be honest I think as it is it seems more female than unisex. Having said that I would buy a black leather cord necklace and pop this necklace onto it for a totally different look that I think would definitely say unisex. I’ve done this with a couple of necklaces in the past and it’s great to create two ‘different’ looks with one pendant.

One of the reasons I like this is that it is a piece of jewelry, but some people do prefer to use their actual D20s in their jewelry and there are plenty of options for that. Me, myself and I however love jewelry as jewelry so we’ll stick with this one!

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