My First Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Plan – The Final Days

30 Days to Healthy Living
If you’ve come here from my previous posts about my journey then you’ll already know all about the Arbonne 30 Day Plan.  If you haven’t then you might want to check out these posts first –

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Following are my journal entries for the final 2 days of my 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond journey, if you have any questions about the journey or want to start your own then please contact me via my Facebook page or in the comments section below (they are not published until I approve them so if you leave your contact details I will NOT publish them, I’ll just contact you).

January 29th 2018

So near the end and I’m still not feeling very well, talk about bad timing!  I was up and down during the night so I didn’t go for a walk this morning.  I did make myself a herbal tea to take back to bed this morning and thought all I needed was a few hours sleep.

My stomach still felt dodgy when I got up, but I thought I should try and have some breakfast anyway (I really didn’t feel like it though).  I had a vanilla meal replacement shake made with almond milk, scoop of fibre, baby spinach and a spoonful of almond butter.

Before I made my breakfast I did weigh myself and I’ve lost one kilo!

A green apple with almond butter in the late morning as I suddenly felt like I needed to eat something, followed by a fizzy as water was tasting funny to me (this sometimes happens when I’m sick).

Lunch was a chocolate protein shake made with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries.

My tummy started protesting again after lunch so off to bed for about an hour and then a fizzy when I got up.

By dinner time I was feeling quite a bit better and I had roasted sweet potato topped with some baby spinach and then vegan chili and topped with some fresh tomato and spring onion.

January 30th 2018

The last day of my first 30 day plan – woo hoo!  Up early to walk the dog and then home for a delicious breakfast of vanilla meal replacement shake made with almond milk, scoop of fibre and a handful of baby spinach.

It’s hard to believe I was feeling so bad yesterday as I feel really good today full of energy.

I enjoyed my Arbonne herbal tea while on a training call this morning and then I had to get everything ready to go off to work.

My lunch was a chocolate protein shake made with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries.

My afternoon tea was a handful of nuts and a fizzy.

Dinner was an omelette with sweet potato, baby spinach, tomatoes, spring onion and garlic.

I’m planning to have a week and a half off of the plan (I’ll probably do an 80/20 version) as it’s my 25th wedding anniversary in a week and it’s easier to celebrate if I don’t have to avoid this and that!  I will then start on my second 30 day plan because I love how I’m feeling, how I’m looking and I anticipate doing this plan for a few months until I become the best version of myself.

How Did I Go On The 30 Day Plan to Healthy Living & Beyond?

It’s Not Just About The Numbers (although they ARE good!)

Okay well I absolutely loved the 30 day plan as I’ve got my energy in general, even my husband has noticed that.  I am not having the bad mood swings I had been having.  My hormones are feeling more balanced (mood swings etc) and I haven’t had a hot flush since I’ve been on the plan which is awesome!

My concentration levels are also a lot better which is always a positive thing.

The scales don’t lie either from the 1st January through to the 31st of January (I weigh myself in the mornings hence why although I finished on 30th Jan when I went to bed I weighed myself in on the 31st) I lost a total of 5kgs exactly (11lb).

I also lost a total of 26.9 centimeters around my body (10.6 inches) which is fantastic as this is what other people are noticing.

Would I recommend this plan to anyone?  Hell yes, I think everyone should try it just so that they can feel this good!  I will be starting another 30 day plan on 12th February 2018 which I will be blogging about on my Facebook business page – I’d love to have you follow me there.

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Reminder: In case you’re new here all Arbonne products are available with a 45 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like them you can send them back for a full refund – you literally have nothing to lose, it’s basically a free trial!

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