My First Arbonne 30 Day Plan to Healthy Living – Week Two

30 Days to Healthy Living
If you’ve come here from my previous post about week one of my journey then you’ll already know all about the Arbonne 30 Day Plan.  If you haven’t then you might want to check out these posts first –

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Following are my journal entries for week 2 of my 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond journey, if you have any questions about the journey or want to start your own then please contact me via my Facebook page or in the comments section below (they are not published until I approve them so if you leave your contact details I will NOT publish them, I’ll just contact you).

January 8th 2018

Hubby’s back at work so I was up at 5.30 to take the dog for a walk (I think he’s enjoying the exercise!).  It’s definitely a better time to go walking than 7 as it’s lovely and cool and the sun has yet to get a bite to it.

Home and it’s weigh in time and I’m so excited that I’ve lost 2.4kg – how awesome is that?  I’ve also lost cms all over my body, but the biggest measurement that is spinning me out is a loss of 3.5cm around my waist!  Speechless!

In celebration of this achievement I had a chocolate meal replacement shake for breakfast made with water and a scoop of fibre.   Breakfast was followed, as always, with a delicious Arbonne herbal tea.

A boiled egg was my snack and I’m having a second cup of Arbonne tea (I used the same teabag though because I’m a little cheeky like that!)

I’ve just realized that the vegan chili that I was about to take out of the freezer for dinner tonight has corn in it which we’re not supposed to eat so that’s annoying.  I guess I’m making another chili for tonight.

Lunch was a chocolate meal replacement shake made with water, a scoop of greens balance and a handful of frozen strawberries – yum!

sweet potato nachos a delicious meal on the 30 day planOkay this afternoon I had a fizz stick and then made a throw together vegan chili for tonight aka make it up as I go along!  It was based on the Bonnie Bean chili in the recipe book, but as I wasn’t expecting to have to make it I didn’t have half of the ingredients so I improvised – hope my daughter likes it – she’d having hers on vegan corn chips while I’ll have mine on baked sweet potato – can’t wait.

Eating a green apple to keep me going until dinner time, the perils of getting up earlier is that you’re hungry earlier in the day!

So for dinner tonight I made the sweet potato nachos , popped on some of the vegan chili (which was a little hotter than I planned!), topped it with a little bit of salad, homemade guacamole and a fresh mixed cherry tomatoes and spring onion salsa.  It was delicious.

January 9th 2018

I really didn’t feel very well this morning and was going to miss out my walk, but  then I saw an inspiration post on facebook from someone who has just started her 30 day journey this week and I rallied myself.  I’ll admit it was a very short walk, but it got me moving.

When I got home all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed with a lovely cup of tea – proper English Breakfast with milk.

I didn’t though, instead I made myself a chocolate meal replacement with water and fibre and a cup of Arbonne herbal tea.  I think it might be a hard day today ~ sigh.

Okay today wasn’t quite that bad, I had a boiled egg for a morning snack and lunch was a chocolate meal replacement made with water, greens balance and a few frozen strawberries.

During the afternoon I also had a fizz stick.

For dinner tonight I decided I wanted steak as I haven’t had red meat in a while so maybe that’s why I was feeling ‘strange’ this morning.  Hubby cooked me a rather large steak (he always cooks the steaks) and I had half of it with some roasted sweet potato and veg.  The veg consisted of red onion, red, green and yellow capsicums, green beans, cherry tomatoes, kale and spinach oh and garlic.  Basically I sauted the onion and garlic until the onion was soft then I added the capsicum and green beans (although I steamed the beans for 1 minute in the microwave first), then when they were all cooked and looking like a fiesta in the pan I threw in some cherry tomatoes which had been cut in half and warmed them threw before popping in a handful of a kale and baby spinach mix and letting it wilt down – it tasted really yum!

January 10th 2018

This morning we did our walk really easily so I’m thinking it might be time to take it longer, but I’m working for the next couple of days so I might not until Saturday.

Breakfast was a chocolate meal replacement shake made with water and a scoop of fibre.  I’m feeling very on fire today!  I put some washing on and was doing a few household chores when I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t had my tea!  I can’t believe that I forgot that twice in one week, anyway situation remedied and I enjoyed it while watching videos on facebook LOL.

Morning tea was a boiled egg and lunch was a chocolate meal replacement made up with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries.

I had a citrus fizz stick this afternoon and dinner was vegan bolognaise over rice (sounds weird, but it actually tasted nice) with salad.

Tonight I prepped my dinner for tomorrow as I’m back to work so by the time I get in the door I’ll probably be ready to eat my arm off!

I’m feeling really good in myself today, this is definitely a great plan and I just want to get everyone on it so they can have this energy and feel empowered with only being in week 2, yet knowing that you’re losing weight because you feel lighter and your eyes can see your body shape changing….it really is wonderful.  Okay gushing over LOL

January 11th 2018

Well we got up and did our morning walk and it’s going to be a warm one today, talk about working up a sweat!  Anyway I’m glad I did it although the dog is still panting and we’ve been home for a while now so that’s a worry as I really can’t get up earlier than 5.30 especially on a work day (sigh).

Breakfast is a delicious chocolate meal replacement made up with water and a scoop of fibre.  After I make my lunch time one to take to work I think I might be finished and I’ll have to see what the protein one is like.

My herbal tea is steeping and I have got to get my lunch time shake made and snacks prepped before I go to work today so (insert Arnie accent) I’ll be back!

So today at work there was birthday cake in the afternoon, Tiramisu at that and I did not partake – so proud of myself.

blueberries and nuts a healthy snack on the 30 day planLunch was a chocolate meal replacement made with water, greens balance and frozen strawberries, I also had a boiled egg for a morning snack and a few nuts and blueberries during the afternoon along with a fizz stick just after three.

Even though there was a pile of work waiting for me when I got in my energy levels stayed high all day and I didn’t come home as exhausted as I have been which is great.

Dinner was the yummy beef salad that I prepped last night and it tasted so nice, really hit the spot.

This evening my daughter has just made me a second cup of the Arbonne herbal tea and I’m thinking I’ll probably have an early night.

January 12th 2018

I really didn’t feel like walking this morning so I didn’t!  I had a horrible headache (bit late to be getting withdrawal or toxin headaches I would’ve thought so probably something else, but…) so I drank some water and ate a few almonds (apparently almonds can help with headaches).

I am working today and Fridays I usually have to do a bit of walking so I don’t feel too bad about the idea of skipping this morning, although my dog is not very happy with me poor baby.

Delicious vanilla meal replacement meal for breakfast this morning made with water and a scoop of fibre.   Arbonne herbal tea is nicely brewing as I write this and another day of work looms ahead, but it is Friday!

This morning at work I had a few nuts and blueberries during the morning and lunch was a chocolate meal replacement made with water and greens balance.  This afternoon I had a green apple with almond butter.

Dinner was an omelette.  I sautéed some red onion, mixed capsicums (red, green, yellow) until soft then threw in a handful of kale and baby spinach along with some roasted sweet potato (to heat it up) , once the kale and spinach had wilted I added the eggs to make my omelette.  It was nice, but the first time I’ve ever had an omelette that didn’t contain cheese and it really didn’t hit the spot for me.

January 13th 2018

Up at 5.30, hubby had to work so I thought I might as well get up and go for a walk which was really nice this morning.  Breakfast was a vanilla meal replacement made with water and a scoop of fibre.  This was followed by a mug of Arbonne herbal tea.

Well I finished up my chocolate meal replacement powder (well there may be one scoop possibly 1.5 scoops left, but …) so for lunch I tried the chocolate protein powder.  Most people add extra goodies to the protein shakes, but I haven’t been shopping yet so I made mine up with water, scoop of greens balance and a combination of frozen blackberries and frozen strawberries – I like it!

I enjoyed a fizz stick in the afternoon and was planning on  a delicious variation on a shepherd’s pie recipe from our group, but it was so hot and humid I decided instead to boil some eggs and I had a salad with a couple of sliced eggs for protein and the rest of my roasted sweet potato for complex carbs.  The salad consisted of a little kale and spinach, some cucumber, medley cherry tomatoes, rainbow salad mix (basically matchsticks of beetroot, carrot, leek etc).  It doesn’t sound very inspiring, but it really hit the spot.   Hopefully it’s not as hot tomorrow as I’m going to be cooking up a few dishes  to make things easier as I’m working next week.

January 14th 2018

Well I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning which was surprising, we’re due for record breaking temperatures today as well so the walking was definitely off of the table!  I decided to try the chocolate protein powder for breakfast this morning with nothing added to it except the fibre support and water just to see what it was like.

I was surprised with the taste, the consistency was thinner than that of the meal replacement shake which was understandable and yet the taste was more chocolatey in flavour and almost tasted creamier which I found strange.  I have brought almond milk to have it with, but water tastes absolutely fine so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing!

Morning tea was a boiled egg.

Lunchtime was a chocolate protein shake made with a scoop of greens balance, frozen strawberries and water.

I had some mixed nuts for afternoon tea and a fizzy while cooking dinner.

Dinner was what my daughter calls her vegan mince with brown rice.  The vegan mince is made up of onion, leek, garlic, zucchini, mushroom, lentils, can of tomatoes and Italian herbs to season.  I also added a handful of kale and baby spinach.

There endeth week 2, be sure to check out week 3 to see what my weight loss was and check out the rest of my journey on this plan.

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