Do You Love History?

History & Books & LearningI do enjoy history, it was one of my favorite subjects at school and I especially loved reading up about the local history of the town I grew up in.   I still have lots of history books lying around that I enjoy reading and it’s been many years since I’ve left school!

I’m not sure what it is about history, but I love learning unusual or trivial things about the past, I also enjoy reading biographies of different people and I research my own family history as well.   I wouldn’t quite call myself a history buff, but some of my family do!

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I don’t have many historical articles written (a site I wrote on years ago that no longer exists had most of them), but I do have a few on hubpages which you’re welcome to check out.

The Children of Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain

Queen Juana of Castille Part One

Queen Juana of Castille Part Two

Juana the Mad’s Children

Maria of Aragon’s Children

Henry VII’s Children

England’s Queens

Mary I

Queen Victoria’s Children

As you can see the emphasis of these articles were European Royal history.

I also have a couple of Zazzle stores – Images of History and Looking Back in Time.

Images of History is a relatively newer Zazzle store and is based on historical images found in creative commons.

Looking Back in Time is basically a snapshot of the world in 1913.  I inherited a suitcase of photographs and images from my grandmother-in-law that were remnants of her trip from New Zealand to England via boat in 1913.  She took the trip so that she could be married in the same church as her parents.


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