Who Is Lou16?

I’m a mom and wife who loves a lovely cup of tea and a nibble of chocolate while watching TWD or reading a good book.

Lou16 was going to be a site where I could write about anything that takes my fancy as well as being a signpost to my other sites.  I’ve since decided that I’ll just write about a few different things – gift ideas (I just love coming across cool gift ideas for people!), zombies (I told you I’m addicted to The Walking Dead didn’t I?) along with dolls/action figures.  I’ve also decided to add a how to make money blogging category.

I’ve also just ‘discovered’ a company called Arbonne so I will probably be including a few reviews on their products as well – they are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free as well as a lot of other things which is why I was so interested (my daughter has recently become vegan).

Why Lou16? Well when I started writing online you were encouraged not to use your real name, but to adopt a nickname instead. My name is Louanne, but a lot of people call me Lou and so Lou16 (encompassing my favorite number) was ‘born’ so to speak.

Many of the sites I used to write on have closed their doors, but I wanted to keep the name alive as Lou16 was (and is) a big part of my life.

I once read a comment from someone else who wrote on Squidoo at the same time as me who said that they wrote on so many different topics they were like a ‘monkey on crack’, I’ve always remembered that as it made me laugh. Having said that it could’ve described my collection of pages around the web, but I prefer to say that Lou16 has many layers!

As with everything these days we have to adhere by rules which is why I have an affiliate disclosure and privacy notice available for you to read in full by clicking here.   In a nutshell if you click a link on any of my sites I may receive compensation which helps me to pay to run my sites and pay myself a wage.   I don’t keep any of your private information although some of the affiliates I deal with do use cookies which is how they know that you’ve reached them via one of my pages.

If you’re interested in making money online then check out my resource page.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my site, please come back anytime and invite your friends as well.

Lou16 - a life of many layers

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