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michael jackson collectible dollsThere are some great Michael Jackson collectible dolls available because as I always say -You know you’re famous when someone releases a doll in your image. When you’re a superstar of Michael Jackson’s stature then there are collections of dolls made!

Michael Jackson dolls are fast becoming ‘must have’ collectibles since his death in 2009. From the easily recognizable Michael Jackson Thriller Doll to a Michael Jackson OOAK doll.

If you know a Michael Jackson fan (and don’t we all?), or are one yourself then a Michael Jackson doll would make a fabulous gift.

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Michael Jackson Thriller Dolls

The album Thriller catapaulted Michael Jackson to superstar status and the MIchael Jackson dolls began to appear.

In 1984 there were four Michael Jackson, Superstar of the 80s dolls issued and this Thriller outfit doll (available to purchase below) is one of them.

 Michael Jackson Superstar of The 80’s ” THRILLER ” Outfit Doll

This doll portrays MJ wearing his ‘thriller’ outfit complete with a microphone, posing stand and the infamous Michael Jackson glove.

The doll stands at 12 inches high.

Michael’s Thriller costume is definitely one of his iconic looks and is also an iconic look of the 80s when he first became known as the King of Pop!

These fun vinyl figures were also produced to represent Michael Jackson’s Thriller stage. The two represent Michael Jackson and Michael ‘Zombie’ Jackson!

 King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson


They certainly make a fun gift for any Michael Jackson fan and/or collector.

Michael Jackson, Superstar of the 80s Dolls

Along with the Thriller outfit doll, 3 other Michael Jackson dolls were produced as part of the Superstar of the 80s collection.

The four were Thriller, Beat It, American Music Awards and Grammy dolls.

 Michael Jackson “Superstar of The 80’s” Beat it Doll Michael Jackson Superstar of the 80’s Grammy Awards Michael Jackson American Music Awards

Michael Jackson doll outfits were also released for the Superstar of the 80s collection. This allowed you to just purchase one of the dolls and interchange the outfits instead of having to purchase all four dolls.

Michael Jackson Beat It Collector Figure

This collectible figure comes with it’s own stand and, approved by the Jackson Estate it bears a striking resemblance to the King of Pop during his 80s pop chart domination.

 Playmates Michael Jackson 10 Beat It Collector Figure

One of the cool things about this doll (besides how good it looks that is) is that it has 37 points of articulation.

In layman’s terms this means that you can pose this Michael doll in lots of different poses which is pretty awesome.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean Doll

One of a collectors series of MJ dolls made by Playmates that also includes the Beat It Michael Jackson figure above.

 Playmates Michael Jackson 10

Like the Beat It doll above this one is also fully articulated which means you can pose it in a number of different ways including mid-moonwalk!

Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ Doll

Michael Jackson followed up his Thriller album with another hit album Bad. He adopted black as his outfit of choice leaving the red alone.

There are a number of different ‘Bad’ dolls that you could add to your collection, but I really like this one by Hottoys. Besides the realistic looks of the doll this doll also comes with two sets of clothes depicting both the “Bad” costume featured here as well as the “Dirty Diana” costume.

 Michael Jackson Bad 12″ Figure By Hottoys

The best part about this doll, however is that it has what’s called P.E.R.S or Parallel Eyeball Rolling System. What this means is that after you’ve decided on what pose you want this doll to hold you can also change where his eyes are looking which is pretty cool.

How it works is that you lift up the back of the dolls head and move his eyes with a joystick style controller, when the eyes are in position you simply close the back of the head and your Michael Jackson doll is looking exactly how you want him to look!

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Doll

I have only managed to find Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal figures on eBay so my advice is when there’s one available act quickly!

Michael Jackson Billie Jean History Tour Doll – Rare Collectible Michael Jackson Doll

This rare and realistic doll is made on a 1/6 scale and has 38 points of articulation which (if you’ve been reading) you’ll know means that you can pose it in a lot of different positions.

 1/6 Scale M Icon Billie Jean History Tour Michael Jackson Figure

This posing is even easier as the doll also comes with 3 different sets of hands which means that you can choose the hands for the pose from a pointed finger to a hand that can hold his fedora.

It comes complete with a full ‘Billie Jean’ outfit including the famous glove and white socks as well as a display stand with a Michael Jackson nameplate – just in case there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t recognize him!

OOAK Michael Jackson Dolls

Along with the Michael Jackson dolls that you’ve already seen there are also the OOAK doll. OOAK means one of a kind and these dolls only come up occasionally so keep checking back to see what’s available.


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