The Zombie Gift Shop

Queuing at the Zombie Gift ShopLots of Zombie Goodies to Buy!

Whether you’re looking for a zombie inspired gift or you just want to treat yourself I’m sure you’ll enjoy perusing our selection, although if you’re after actual human brains or body parts I’m afraid you won’t find them here………

Zombie T-Shirts

I have yet to find a zombie fan who doesn’t like t-shirts which is why I’ve decided to start you off with a few cool ones right here and if none of them appeal to you then I do have a couple of links to more below.

 Zombie Apocalypse Gamers Keep Calm Funny T-shirt I train to stay alive zombie running shirt You’re Goin Down with Zombies T-Shirt Zombies love you for your brains T-Shirt The WALKING DAD shirt Zombie Edition Fast (zombie) Food T-Shirt Vegan Zombie – Vegetarian zombie, Funny Zombie T-Shirt I’M WITH ZOMBIE BAIT T-Shirt Zombie Beatles T-Shirt

If you don’t fancy any of these then you might want to check out these pages –

Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirts
Shaun of the Dead T-Shirts

Zombie Books for the Inner Bibliophile Zombie

 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie You Might Be A Zombie Fact book

Then again you might want to stick to books on The Walking Dead, my brother enjoys the graphic novel over the television series…..

 The Walking Dead: Compendium One The Walking Dead: Compendium Two The Walking Dead Chronicles: The Official Companion Book


If you wanted an idea on some Zombie Apocalpse survival guides then you can check out a couple of books that are mentioned on our blog post – Help a Friend Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

More Cool Zombie Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

There are just so many different ideas for zombie fans that it’s hard to know what to showcase and what not to, but here’s a few things that I think any zombie fan would love –

 Zombie Garden Gnome Creepy cerebral candle Zombie Entrails Stuffed Scarf Plush Supernatural Zombie Tarot Cards Deck Walking Dead Playing Cards (2-Pack) Creepy Zombie Cribbage Game Zombie See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters Beistle 00040 Zombie Feet Slippers Darryl Limited Edition (The Walking Dead )Funko Pop Figure

Gorgeous Tea for One Teapot Gift Sets

Lionel Richie parody teapot tea gift set
Lionel Richie parody teapot tea gift set

I love sassy and fun teapots, but when I first saw the tea for one teapot gift sets a few years ago I was instantly hooked.  The first one I saw was a bright red with white polka dots and I loved it, unfortunately when I went back a week later to buy it they had none left 🙁

It has left me loving the idea of the tea for one teapots though and I think they’re a perfect gift idea for any tea loving friend or family member that you know.  They are especially good when your household consists of mainly coffee drinkers – sometimes you just need to show a fellow tea drinker some solidarity!

Let’s have a look at just a few of these gorgeous teapot sets and see if there’s any you just have to have – just don’t make my mistake and wait a week!


 Botanical Porcelain Duo Teapot, Teacup and Saucer Set 4-Piece Porcelain Tea for One Stacked Teapot & Cup Set Porcelain Rose Teapot and Teacup Tea For One Set

These botanical and floral teapot sets are simply gorgeous and I think the pink roses on the white background one would’ve been perfect for my late grandmother as roses were her favorite flower and she did enjoy her cup of tea!

Lots of people around the world enjoy a lovely cup of tea to get through their day and so there’s lots of different teapot gift sets to reflect that, have a friend who loves Star Wars? Every group seems to have at least one member that’s a Star Wars fan, unfortunately the friend of mine who is slightly fanatical about the saga is a confirmed coffee drinker.

Star Wars Teapot Gift Sets That Are Out of This World!

Enjoy a lovely cup of your favorite tea in style while having a Star Wars movie marathon over a cold winter weekend….

 Star Wars BB-8 Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set Star Wars Rouge One Death Star Ceramic Teapot Set

But which one to choose ………………….

There are lots of different gift sets for tea lovers everywhere. My own mother loves owls and as she’s a widow one of these teapot sets would be ideal. The one I’ve found below is perfect for all of the owl lovers out there like my mom.

Owl tea for one teapot gift set

So what type of teapot set would you choose? I’ll leave you with a few more to help make your decision.

 Tea Set For One with Teapot, Tea Cup, Infuser & Bamboo Coaster Addison Tea for One Set – Black & White Tea Gift Set Someone Special Red Floral Teapot and Teacup for One Set Butterflies and Blue Border Porcelain Tea Set for One Shoes On Her Mind Tea for One Set, Teapot Rests on Top of Tea Cup Vanderbilt Porcelain Duo Teapot Tea For One From Biltmore House Collection

Be sure to check out other gift ideas we have for your tea loving friends and family at gifts for tea drinkers.
Gorgeous tea for one gift sets

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Red Scarves Women Will Love

Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!
Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!

There’s something warm and vibrant about a red scarf that adds a certain ‘je ne sais pas’ to an outfit.  I’ve found some lovely red scarves women are bound to find perfect for their wardrobe.

A warm, red scarf is a perfect way to brighten up a winter outfit, but at the same time a red silk scarf can make a gorgeous statement when added to a summer ensemble.

Let’s look at a few different scarves and see if we can find a ladies red scarf that is perfect for you.


 Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf in Red and Black Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Fringe Red Scarf Silk Blend Oblong Chiffon Scarf in Solid Colors (Polka Red White) Premium Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf – Red Light Weight Infinity Scarf with Solid Colors Red Spikerking Unisex Soft Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf,Red SCARF_TRADINGINC® Twill Pashmina / Shawl / Wrap / Stole (Red) Infinity Scarf for Women – Elegant & Soft Woven Women’s Warm Long Shawl Winter Scarf in Big Red


More Colorful Scarves

If red isn’t your color then maybe you’d prefer to check out some of the other scarves I’ve found –

My daughter has always preferred the red scarves in our household whereas I’ve favored purple and hot pink. Somewhere along the way, however, I’ve found myself owning a couple of red scarves – a plain woolen one and a gorgeous light weight chiffon one.

Do you own any red scarves?

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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

Jewelry gift ideas for tea drinkersIf you’re looking for some unique gift ideas for tea drinkers then what about tea inspired jewelry?   There are some beautiful pieces available that I’m sure would be appreciated by any tea lover.

From tea cup jewelry to tiny teapot jewelry, there’s bound to be at least one piece you fall in love with, personally I love the look of necklaces that combine both a teacup and a teapot like these two pieces …..


 Silver Tea Party – Tea Pot and Tea Kettle Pendant Jane Stone Mini Teacup and Teapot Necklace

These fun gifts for tea lovers seem to be divided between mini tea cup jewelry and tiny teapot jewelry so let’s have a look at them.

Mini Tea Cup Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

Whether you want to purchase a necklace or a charm or even earrings you can find tea cups for them to wear in style!

 Silver Plated Fairy Tale 3D Mad Hatter Tea Cup Cosplay Ring Tea Cup Jewelry Dangling Tea Cup & Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Union Jack Tea Cup Charm Fits Pandora Photograph of Steaming Tea Cup Charm Bracelet Silver Plated Tea Cup Design Fashion Jewelry Earrings

Tiny Teapot Jewelry – Fun Gifts for Tea Lovers

 Sterling Silver Tea Pot Pendant Necklace (18 Inches) Rose Gold Paved CZ CrystalTeapot Pendant Austrian Crystal Pendant Necklace -Little teapot Vintage British Teatime Dangle Earrings Molly Glitz Fun Mini Teapot Necklace Antiqued Pewter Teapot Earrings

Handmade Tea Inspired Earrings

Before I leave I wanted to share a couple of pairs of tea inspired earrings that I found on Etsy – a great place to find a cool and unique, handmade gift for anyone in your life.

 Tea Party Dangle Earrings Ceramic Tea Cup Earrings

I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun gift ideas for the tea drinker in your life, if you’d like some other ideas then what about some tea infusers?  I’ve compiled a great selection of Unique Tea Infusers to Fall in Love With that is bound to give you some more gift ideas for tea drinkers.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers



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Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock
Tocky MP3 Voice Recording Alarm Clock, Red

The Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock will make sure you’re not late for work ever again! Forget about using other alarm clocks or even your smart phone because once you’ve met Tocky The Runaway Alarm Clock you’ll be hooked.

If you hit the snooze button a couple of times (at least) in the morning then this could be the solution. The ingenious idea behind this cool alarm clock is that it runs away as the alarm goes off so that you can’t hit the snooze button (well it does let you have one chance, but…) – priceless!

Even if you get up in plenty of time in the morning this clock does make a really cool gift idea.

Tocky MP3 Voice Recording Alarm Clock, Red

 Tocky MP3 Voice Recording Alarm Clock, Red

The Tocky rolling alarm clock gets you up out of bed with a playful catch-me-if-you-can attitude. When the alarm goes off, so does Tocky — right off the nightstand.

The motor inside Tocky sets the clock rolling, and momentum keeps it going. It rolls for 30 seconds, which is just long enough to move out of reach so you have to get up to turn it off, and the alarm sounds for 10 minutes. Tocky can safely fall from a height of 3 feet, and it’s rugged enough to land on even a wood floor.

Set the snooze for as long as you like, from 1 to 9 minutes. But you only get one chance…after one snooze, Tocky stays on until you catch it and turn it off.

Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock With MP3

 Tocky, The Runaway Alarm Clock with MP3 – Black

The Tocky runaway clock’s alarm itself is a funny collection of chirps and burbles, but you also have the option to record 6 hours of your own sounds or 2 hours of downloaded MP3s. Nine tracks play in order as a playlist. There is also a sleep mode, in which you can select a song to fall asleep to.

Just 3.25″ in diameter, the Tocky alarm clock doesn’t take up much room on the nightstand. You’ll always know what time the alarm is set for, because it is displayed right at the top of the main screen. Don’t want to chase your alarm clock? Tocky offers the option to turn off the motion, but really where’s the fun in that!

Enjoy The Antics Of This Cute Alarm Clock

A Video Review

He’s like the energizer bunny he just keeps going!

Gadget Lovers Love This Cool Alarm Clock

Also Great for Teens – Get Them to School on Time!

The Tocky runaway alarm clock is so perky, cheerful, and full of life, it will start your everyday with a smile. Available in a variety of fun colors to suit anyone’s taste, it’s a cute addition to the bedroom.

And here’s a hint: it’s a great gift for gadget lovers or for kids, teenagers, or anyone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. For that matter, since the motion can be turned off and the clock used as a regular alarm, it’s suitable for anyone at all.

Tocky, the runaway alarm clock

Remember To Get Batteries For Your Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock!

Standard AAA lithium batteries are recommended for the Tocky rolling alarm clock, but you can use alkaline batteries, too. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are not recommended.

Tocky has about 30 seconds of stored power for backup, so when you remove the batteries, the display will stay on for a short time. Wait until the display screen goes off before installing the new batteries, then turn it back on.

Your recorded sounds and music will be saved when you change the batteries, but you will have to reset the time and alarm.

So what do you think?  A great alarm for you or a gag gift idea for your friend or family member that’s always running late (let’s face it we all have someone in our life who NEEDS one of these clocks!).

Tocky runaway alarm clock, mp3

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In The Case Of An Emergency

…..Grab The Chocolate Emergency Kit!

Chocolate emergency kitsIn case of emergency you need to grab your Chocolate Emergency Kit, it’s absolutely vital (after the family – human and furry, of course).

Chocolate – how frivolous you may think, but there is a serious method behind this apparent madness. Apart from the fact that if there’s a fire the chocolate will melt if left behind and if there’s a flood – have you ever seen a chocolate bar swim? There is also your family’s well-being to think of and chocolate will help with that.

What Should Be In A Chocolate Emergency Kit?

First you need to have a chocolate emergency kit to grab. So how do you go about deciding what goes into your kit? A chocolate emergency kit will vary from family to family, firstly you must think of your children’s likes and dislikes. Include a couple of small chocolate treats for them like Milky Ways or Kinder Surprises – whatever they generally really enjoy – make sure you have a couple for each child.

Remember to rotate chocolate regularly; it would be awful to get stale chocolate during an emergency!

Now to the adults – you are going to be in shock so make sure that you get a large block of your favorite chocolate. Your husband may love chocolate or may not so you decide what to get him. My hubby has only got a medium size bar in our kit as he doesn’t crave chocolate as much and the shock will probably manifest itself differently with his male physiology!

What to keep your emergency chocolate stash in? You can use a box or bag as long as it is kept somewhere easy to grab, but not to easy that the family may have eaten it before an emergency! I’m told that the veggie bin in the fridge is a good hiding spot………I would tell you mine, but it’s top secret!

Why Do YOU Need A Chocolate Emergency Kit?

Imagine these scenarios

Kids are crying because of the surrounding noise and upheaval and because they’re frightened.
Give them some chocolate…..
They are now sitting/standing quietly eating their chocolate (a few minutes of peace for you to collect yourself)

There’s a fire and you’re standing looking at your house which is now totally inhabitable
Have some chocolate…..
Now you’re thinking, well I wanted to re-decorate, now the insurance company can pay for the new color scheme!

You’re walking through your house and everything has been destroyed by smoke or water damage and you think – oh no, my photos!
A deep breath and some chocolate…..
The nutrients in the chocolate remind you that your mum has copies of all of your photos in case of any such emergency.

You’ve been evacuated to an emergency shelter and you’re looking around feeling really depressed.
You have some chocolate…..
The feeling good properties in the chocolate make you remember that your family are all safe and well and you have a roof over your head!

Start Someone’s Chocolate Emergency Kit For Them

Now That’s What I Call Being a Friend!

 Lindt LINDOR Truffles 1 lb of Assorted Chocolates in a BlackTie Box Ghirardelli Ultimate Chocolate Collection Window Box, 7.74 Ounce Ferrero Rocher Gift Cube, 18 Count of delicious Ferrero Rocher


Other Emergency Kits

There are some things that you really should have prepared if you are really faced with an emergency situation and you should think about them right now (if you haven’t already).
If you don’t want to make up your own emergency kit then here are so that are already prepared for you –

 Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack Wise Foods 5 Day Survival Backpack, Camo PREPPER’S FAVORITE: Emergency 2 hour Kit


Do You Think That The Chocolate Emergency Kit Was A Good Idea?

I’d love to hear what you think about this idea, also I need you to tell me the answer to a very important question – what would be in your chocolate emergency kit?

Why you need a chocolate emergency kit

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Unique Rubber Duckies

Unique Rubber DuckiesThe rubber ducky we all know and love has been made over into some unique rubber duckies that are now collectible in their own right.

A company called Celebriduck kicked off of the idea of combining celebrities with rubber ducks and it was a huge hit which has culminated in a range of different unique rubber ducks for us all to fall in love with.

Let’s look at some of the cool rubber duckies now available – first off rubber ducky goes to the movies…….

Wizard of Oz Rubber Ducks

A great collection of movie Celebriducks……

 Wizard of Oz Collectible set of 6 Celebriducks – Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch & Munchkin


Growing up The Wizard of Oz was always on television over Christmas and now we can all sing a long –

“Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road

Follow, folllow, follow, follow, follow the yellow-brick road

Follow the yellow-brick, follow the yellow-brick

Follow the yellow-brick road

You’re off to see the Ducky, the Wonderful Rubber Ducky”

Buy the whole set of Wizard of Oz Celebriducks (featured above) or just get your favorite character.

The Blues Brothers – Iconic Celebriducks

This iconic 80s movie about Jake and Elwood Blue’s mission from god has a lot of fans and those fans would love these Rubber Duckies.

In the words of Elwood –

“We certainly hope you all enjoy the show. And remember, people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there’re still some things that makes us all the same. You. Me. Rubber Ducky. Everybody”


 CelebriDucks Blues Brothers Jake RUBBER DUCK John Belushi CelebriDucks Blues Brothers Elwood RUBBER DUCK Dan Aykroyd

Buy Jake or Elwood or ‘splash out’ on getting both of the Blues Brothers to reunite in your bathtub!

More Film Inspired Rubber Ducks

Lights, Camera, Action – let’s get rolling on a few rubber ducks that should have their own Hollywood star….

 CelebriDucks Harry Ponder Young Wizard RUBBER DUCK Bath Toy CelebriDucks Goose Busters RUBBER DUCK Costume Quacker CelebriDucks Captain Quack Pirate of Quackibbean RUBBER DUCK

These unique rubber ducks can also be found from our favorite television programs….

Popeye – A Spinach Eating Celebriduck

Rubber Duckies have also morphed with some of our favorite cartoon characters including Popeye.

 CelebriDucks Popeye the Sailorman RUBBER DUCK

“I’m Popeye the Sailor Man,

I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.

I’m strong to the finich

Cause I eats me spinach.

and I love my Rubber Duck

I’m Popeye the Sailor Man”

Betty Boop Rubber Ducky

Betty Boop made her cartoon debut in 1930 and has been popular ever since. Originally in black and white Betty Boop underwent a revival in the 80s and emerged in her now trademark red…..

 Betty Boop Rubber Duck CelebriDucks (Preowned)

More Television Inspired Rubber Ducks

From small screen to a bathtub near you…..

 CelebriDucks Mr. Squawk RUBBER DUCK CelebriDucks Felix The Cat RUBBER DUCK CelebriDucks Mr. T RUBBER DUCK

There are lots of different rubber duckies available for you to collect so be sure to check out my other posts about them –


Cool collection of unique rubber ducks crossed with celebrities - what every bathtub needs!

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Gorgeous Purple Scarves Women Want!

Purple scarves women love and wantWelcome to my post about purple scarves women love, first up I have to confess that purple is my favorite color so I may be a little biased! I do feel that every woman should own a purple scarf however, because purple is a color that seems to suit everyone.

Let’s not forget that through history purple has been the color of royalty and what woman hasn’t wanted to be a princess at least once in her life!

The best thing about purple scarves is that you can wear them in summer or winter so it pays to have both a lightweight purple scarf and a warm purple scarf in your wardrobe.

Purple scarves - perfect for summer or winter

Let’s have a look at some of these beautifully regal looking scarves that are available for you to buy…..

Purple Scarves for Winter Warmth

Keep warm while looking great with these scarves –


 Women’s Pashmina Cashmere Silk Solid Shawl Wrap Scarf Women’s Warm Long Shawl Winter Scarfs – Purple Women Thick Knit Winter Infinity Scarf (Purple) Winter Weight Purple Circle Scarf Purple Knit Unisex Scarf Chunky Purple Infinity Scarf


Lightweight Purple Scarves

As the months get warmer scarves can still be great fashion accessories like these beautiful lightweight purple scarfs that you know you want!

 Fashionable Solid Color Chiffon Scarf – Purple Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Fringe Scarf Wrap for Women (Purple) Wrapables Solid Color 100% Silk Long Scarf, Majestic Purple Ted and Jack – Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf in Purples Womens Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket, Chevron, Infinity Scarves (Purple) 7 Seas Republic Women’s Long Soft Scarf (PURPLE)


More Colorful Scarves for Women

As much as it pains me to admit, sometimes you need to embrace other colors besides purple!  I do have posts on some other scarves that you may enjoy –


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Agatha Christie Booklist

Agatha Christie BookllistAgatha Chrisie’s novels hold a special place in my heart as they remind me of my late grandmother. People often talk about how her novels are tinged with nostalgia – echos of an era long gone, but for me they bring back memories of only 30 years ago when my grandmother and I were swapping them with each other and happily dissecting them together. We didn’t always agree on which were our favorites, but we always enjoyed talking about them.

At one stage my grandmother started to get a collection of Agatha Christie books on a regular basis (I think it was through a woman’s magazine), they were hardback books in a reddish colored cover and looked like they would’ve been right at home in one of the libraries Dame Christie wrote about in her mysteries.

I have seen lists of The Top Ten Agatha Christie Novels and blog posts or magazine articles about The Best Agatha Christie Book, but I don’t think I can pick what I think is the best as they were all good. I guess I could say I loved the Partners in Crime novels above Agatha Christie’s Poirot books and I preferred Ariadne Oliver over Agatha Christie’s more popular female detective – Miss Marple. However, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t want to read At Bertram’s Hotel or the Mysterious Affair at Styles again and again!

Most people I know seem to remember which was the first Agatha Christie book they read, I’m not sure it was either The Mirror Crack’d or The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I read both of these books within two days and decided I had ‘discovered’ a new author (the word new seems quite funny to add there as this was during the 1980s and Dame Christie died in 1976!!) to read! I think it’s quite funny that the books I started with were one Marple mystery and one Poirot mystery as they were Agatha Christie’s most famous detectives. It was a mere coincidence though as they both belonged to a friend of my parents who thought I should read Agatha Christie – she was right!

Have a kindle & in a hurry? Check out Agatha Christie’s collection at the kindle store!

List of Agatha Christie’s Novels – Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Marple & More

Contents at a Glance

Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford

I must admit I loved Tommy and Tuppence Beresford far more than her more famous characters of Poirot or Miss Marple. I was really happy when ITV produced the Partners in Crime series based on Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime short stories about the Beresfords. I felt that Francesca Annis really breathed life into the character of Tuppence and I loved her portrayal of her in fact it’s a pity that only ten episodes were ever made back in 1983/1984.

I will just add here that years after I had waited for someone to re-make Partners in Crime for television they did.  Unfortunately I wasn’t as impressed with the series as I felt that the actors (whether it was their interpretation or the director’s interpretation) didn’t really bring out the characters the way I felt they should have.

The first novel I read of them (and arguably the best) was Postern of Fate which has yet to be dramatized (just in case any producers are listening, hint hint).

Tuppence’s impetuous nature coupled with Tommy’s more cautious side make for a great team. I really identified with Tuppence when I was reading Agatha Christie’s novels for the first time as a teenager.
The only negative I can come up with about this crime fighting duo is that they only appeared in a total of four novels all together as well as a short story collection. You can check them all out here –

 The Complete Tommy & Tuppence Collection: The Secret Adversary, Partners in Crime, N or M?, By the Pricking of My Thumbs, and Postern of Fate

Agatha Christie IS The Queen of Crime

Agatha Christie novelsI must admit it has been a long time since I read an Agatha Christie novel, but I watched a Poirot tv presentation a couple of weeks ago when I was on my own in the house (my husband doesn’t really get the British whodunits especially not the more genteel one’s of Dame Agatha Christie). It reaffirmed to me that Agatha Christie remains the Queen of Crime despite being up against some stiff competition.

It always amazes me that when she set out to write her books she didn’t know who the villain was going to be! I remember reading that she started writing and then at the end tried to think who was the most unlikely person and made it them, going back to make small changes!

Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot

All the Poirot Books

Agatha Christie’s very first novel was published in 1914 and introduced the world to the little grey cells of Hercule Poirot. The book was The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

In this book we are introduced to Captain Hastings who is convalescing at a friends family home. The family home was called Styles Court hence the title. Also at Styles is a war refugee named Hercule Poirot who is a retired Belgian detective.

In all Agatha Christie’s Belgium detective was to star in more than 40 other books and would be brought to life on the big screen by Sir Peter Ustinov and David Suchet.

Here are all of the books/stories that Hercule Poirot has appeared in –

Dead Man’s Folly

Featuring Agatha Christie’s Belgian Detective

Hercule Poirot is joined with the mystery novelist Ariadne Oliver in this novel that is said to be based on Agatha Christie’s own home in Devon. In this Agatha Christie novel a Murder Hunt turns into an actual murder hunt and you’re off on another adventure to solve the crime with as many twists and turns as Dame Christie can think up!

 Dead Man’s Folly: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

When this novel was first released it didn’t receive very good reviews with critics claiming it ‘wasn’t vintage Christie’ and ‘not one of Agatha Christie’s best’, but I liked it and I think it was because of the large role that Ariadne Oliver had in the book. Her future appearances were all much more significant that previous ones (did I mention that I like the character of Ariadne Oliver?)

Murder on the Orient Express

An Agatha Christie Classic

This is probably the first Agatha Christie book that most people think of when asked to name one. Personally it has never been one of my favorites of her’s but it is critically acclaimed with the likes of Dorothy L Sayers calling it ‘a brilliantly ingenious story’ and the New York Herald Tribune calling it ‘Nothing short of swell’.

 Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

The ABC Murders

Another Hercule Poirot Book

At the time that I read this Poirot novel I thought it was very original – and I read it some fifty years after Agatha Christie wrote it! The book has been called Classic Christie and I have to agree that I really, really enjoyed this particular one and her writing actually had me doubting my conclusions and being very uncertain as to the culprit. That’s exactly what a good whodunnit should be!

 The A. B. C. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple

All of the Miss Jane Marple’s Stories

Ten years after creating Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie introduced us to Miss Jane Marple who was to become her second most popular detective. The first book she appeared in was The Murder at the Vicarage and this was also one of the first Miss Marple mysteries that I read – that and the Mirror Crack’d were the first two Miss Marple’s that I remember reading.

The first time I saw a Miss Marple movie it starred Margaret Rutherford and despite her looking nothing like Agatha Christie’s description she had a twinkle in her eye that I loved. When Joan Hickson took over the role it took me a long time to get used to her, even though she fitted Agatha Christie’s description much, much better.

Miss Marple was to appear in a total of 12 novels and 20 short stories.

Here’s the list of all of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books and stories –

At Bertram’s Hotel

Featuring Agatha Christie’s Miss Jane Marple

One of the things that endears Agatha Christie’s novels to people is their setting in a time that is long gone (and the fact that the crimes seem more genteel these days and definitely PG compared to many other leading crime novelists) and in this book as one of my commenters remarks she encapsulates ‘a lost world that was decaying even as she wrote’ which is a reference to this book – At Bertram’s Hotel.

 At Bertram’s Hotel: A Miss Marple Mystery

The setting is the famous Bertram’s Hotel which appears to most of it’s genteel upper crust British guests to have stayed exactly the same as before the war. It hasn’t though as Miss Marple notices – Bertram’s also caters for an American clientele which means that they’ve actually installed ‘luxuries’ like central heating etc to those rooms.

Of course all of this is just background for the actual whodunnit part of the book, but it is still very interesting and adds a lot to the nostalgic feel that Agatha Christie’s books have.

Ariadne Oliver and Others

More of Agatha Christie’s Great Characters

Of course Agatha Christie was to introduce us to many more characters including the lovely Ariadne Oliver who seemed to have a number of god children and who I rather liked, in fact I wouldn’t have minded her as one of my godmothers! She was to appear in eight of Agatha Christie’s novels, seven with Poirot and one with Parker Pyne.

Agatha Christie introduced us to a plethora of characters in her books and gave us hours of enjoyable reading…….not to mention her plays and the books she wrote under another name, but that’s another story! Honorable mentions should be made of the following characters –

          • The mysterious Harley Quin who Agatha Christie listed as one of her favorites in her autobiography
          • Parker Pyne
          • Chief Inspector Japp – he should receive a medal for putting up with Poirot raining on his parade
          • Superintendant Battle
          • Colonel Race
          • Miss Lemon

Looking for More Agatha Christie Books?

Of course not all of her books feature Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot or the Beresfords which is why I have another list of Agatha Christie books which feature ‘all the others’ for lack of a better name!

It includes the real hard to figure out – ‘And Then There Were None’ along with the first television adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel that I can remember watching – ‘Sparkling Cyanide’.

Agatha Christie in Her Own Words

Agatha Christie’s autobiography is written as her novels are – very well. It weaves a story that is really interesting, although it does leave out things such as her real life disappearance.

If you’ve read all of her books several times then why not try her autobiography?

 Autobiography, An

Amazon reviewers have called this autobiography of the Queen of Crime as “…a window to another life…” and “…great life story adds insights to her famous novels..” and “…who knew life could be better than mysteries.”

Over to You – Do You Like Agatha Christie?

Who is Your Favorite Agatha Christie Detective?

Agatha Christie’s books were written in what seems to be a totally different time and with other authors such as PD James, Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs have Agatha Christie’s stories lost their appeal?

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Collectible Cinderella Figurines

Collectible Cinderella Figurines
Click to buy this beautiful Cinderella figurine

Fall in love with these gorgeous, collectible Cinderella figurines. The Disney Princess who’s not afraid to dream, (‘after all a dream is just a wish that your heart makes’) is a beautiful subject for these figurines that are enjoyed by young and old alike.

I think these are gorgeous figurines that are designed to make us all dream and there’s certainly nothing wrong with having dreams! As well as looking fantastic these Cinderella figurines are also collectible items and I think it’s hardly a surprise – what a beautiful thing to collect.

If you love Cinderella or know someone who is inspired by her tale then you’ll enjoy the beautiful selection I’ve compiled for you here, so let’s go shopping for one of my favorite fairy tale characters …… well figurines of her anyway!

Precious Moments & Bradford Editions Cinderella Figurine

This beautiful Cinderella figurine is made by Precious Moments for Bradford Editions, to me it almost looks like a little girl dressed up as Cinderella which I find very endearing and then you look at her skirt and there’s another beautiful image of Cinderella who has just been transformed by her fairy godmother.

 Precious Moments Forever Cinderella Collectible Figurine

Product Description

You can find the full product description by clicking on the Amazon link, but here are the bullet points for you –


    • Premiere issue in the Precious Moments Disney Princess Figurine Collection


    • Edition limited to 95 firing days


    • Hand-numbered with Certificate authenticating your figurine as an original from The Bradford Editions


  • Measures 5″ H; 12.7 cm H

Beautiful Cinderella Figurines ….. – From Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange have produced a number of simply beautiful collectible Cinderella figurines over the years, my favorite is based on a Faberge egg and (unfortunately) is not available at the moment. You see when Bradford Exchange say limited edition, they mean it. If ever one of the 2,500 Disney Sparkling Cinderella Crystal Egg-Shaped Music Box does become available again I will try and add it onto this page for you.

For now, however, you’ll have to be happy with these simply stunning Cinderella ornaments –

 Disney Cinderella’s Dream Bradford Exchange Bell Figurine Disney Cinderella’s Wish Bradford Exchange Bell Figurine Cinderella Porcelain Bell by The Bradford Exchange Disney Snowflake Splendor Cinderella Bradford Exchange Figurine

Collectible Cinderella Figurines ….. – From Lenox

Lenox prides itself on producing fine china collectibles and it has done a great job on these Cinderella figurines as any collector would love to own them.

This Cinderella figurine is holding up her dress as she prepares to make her big entrance into the ball. Made from hand-painted fine china and accented with 24k gold this figurine really is delightful.

 Lenox Enchanted Dream

Disney Traditions Cinderella Figurines – Jim Shore Collectibles

Artist Jim Shore has been working in partnership with Disney since 2005 and when you see the beautiful Cinderella figurines that he’s responsible for you’ll see why it’s such a strong partnership!

 Disney Traditions by Jim Shore 4011745 Cinderella Riding a Carousel Horse Figurine 7-Inch

I think the image of Cinderella on a Carousel Horse is great, but it’s not only Cinderella who gets to ride on the Carousel as Jim Shore has featured other Disney Princesses in the same way.

Out of the other Disney Princesses who Jim Shore has featured on a Carousel I think Snow White is my favorite – check her out here – Snow White Figurine.

This very intricately detailed figurine really brings this classic Disney Princess to life.

This Cinderella figurine is made from stone resin, but Jim Shore has managed to make it resemble hand carved wood reminiscent of old time carousel horses – simple beautiful.

Let’s look at some more of Jim Shore’s Cinderella figurines….

 Jim Shore for Disney Traditions Cinderella Figurine Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Cinderella Figurine Disney Traditions Cinderella Figurine by Jim Shore

I do love the Cinderella figurine holding her skirts out to reveal an image of Cinderella dancing with her prince on her underskirt – beautiful!

Royal Doulton Presents…. – Collectible Cinderella Figurines

Royal Doulton needs no introduction and are well known for their collectibles including their Disney Princess figurines. At present I can’t find any of their beautiful Cinderella in her ballgown figurines, but I have found a ‘before’ image that has been magically brought to life –

 Royal Doulton They Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming Disney Showcase

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gorgeous Cinderella collectible ornaments – they let us all become little girls believing in fairy tales again don’t they?

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.