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Queuing at the Zombie Gift ShopLots of Zombie Goodies to Buy!

Whether you’re looking for a zombie inspired gift or you just want to treat yourself I’m sure you’ll enjoy perusing our selection, although if you’re after actual human brains or body parts I’m afraid you won’t find them here………

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Zombie T-Shirts

I have yet to find a zombie fan who doesn’t like t-shirts which is why I’ve decided to start you off with a few cool ones right here and if none of them appeal to you then I do have a couple of links to more below.

 Zombie Apocalypse Gamers Keep Calm Funny T-shirt I train to stay alive zombie running shirt You’re Goin Down with Zombies T-Shirt Zombies love you for your brains T-Shirt The WALKING DAD shirt Zombie Edition Fast (zombie) Food T-Shirt Vegan Zombie – Vegetarian zombie, Funny Zombie T-Shirt I’M WITH ZOMBIE BAIT T-Shirt Zombie Beatles T-Shirt

If you don’t fancy any of these then you might want to check out these pages –

Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirts
Shaun of the Dead T-Shirts

Zombie Books for the Inner Bibliophile Zombie

 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie You Might Be A Zombie Fact book

Then again you might want to stick to books on The Walking Dead, my brother enjoys the graphic novel over the television series…..

 The Walking Dead: Compendium One The Walking Dead: Compendium Two The Walking Dead Chronicles: The Official Companion Book


If you wanted an idea on some Zombie Apocalpse survival guides then you can check out a couple of books that are mentioned on our blog post – Help a Friend Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

More Cool Zombie Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

There are just so many different ideas for zombie fans that it’s hard to know what to showcase and what not to, but here’s a few things that I think any zombie fan would love –

 Zombie Garden Gnome Creepy cerebral candle Zombie Entrails Stuffed Scarf Plush Supernatural Zombie Tarot Cards Deck Walking Dead Playing Cards (2-Pack) Creepy Zombie Cribbage Game Zombie See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters Beistle 00040 Zombie Feet Slippers Darryl Limited Edition (The Walking Dead )Funko Pop Figure

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