In The Case Of An Emergency

…..Grab The Chocolate Emergency Kit!

Chocolate emergency kitsIn case of emergency you need to grab your Chocolate Emergency Kit, it’s absolutely vital (after the family – human and furry, of course).

Chocolate – how frivolous you may think, but there is a serious method behind this apparent madness. Apart from the fact that if there’s a fire the chocolate will melt if left behind and if there’s a flood – have you ever seen a chocolate bar swim? There is also your family’s well-being to think of and chocolate will help with that.

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What Should Be In A Chocolate Emergency Kit?

First you need to have a chocolate emergency kit to grab. So how do you go about deciding what goes into your kit? A chocolate emergency kit will vary from family to family, firstly you must think of your children’s likes and dislikes. Include a couple of small chocolate treats for them like Milky Ways or Kinder Surprises – whatever they generally really enjoy – make sure you have a couple for each child.

Remember to rotate chocolate regularly; it would be awful to get stale chocolate during an emergency!

Now to the adults – you are going to be in shock so make sure that you get a large block of your favorite chocolate. Your husband may love chocolate or may not so you decide what to get him. My hubby has only got a medium size bar in our kit as he doesn’t crave chocolate as much and the shock will probably manifest itself differently with his male physiology!

What to keep your emergency chocolate stash in? You can use a box or bag as long as it is kept somewhere easy to grab, but not to easy that the family may have eaten it before an emergency! I’m told that the veggie bin in the fridge is a good hiding spot………I would tell you mine, but it’s top secret!

Why Do YOU Need A Chocolate Emergency Kit?

Imagine these scenarios

Kids are crying because of the surrounding noise and upheaval and because they’re frightened.
Give them some chocolate…..
They are now sitting/standing quietly eating their chocolate (a few minutes of peace for you to collect yourself)

There’s a fire and you’re standing looking at your house which is now totally inhabitable
Have some chocolate…..
Now you’re thinking, well I wanted to re-decorate, now the insurance company can pay for the new color scheme!

You’re walking through your house and everything has been destroyed by smoke or water damage and you think – oh no, my photos!
A deep breath and some chocolate…..
The nutrients in the chocolate remind you that your mum has copies of all of your photos in case of any such emergency.

You’ve been evacuated to an emergency shelter and you’re looking around feeling really depressed.
You have some chocolate…..
The feeling good properties in the chocolate make you remember that your family are all safe and well and you have a roof over your head!

Start Someone’s Chocolate Emergency Kit For Them

Now That’s What I Call Being a Friend!

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Other Emergency Kits

There are some things that you really should have prepared if you are really faced with an emergency situation and you should think about them right now (if you haven’t already).
If you don’t want to make up your own emergency kit then here are so that are already prepared for you –

 Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack Wise Foods 5 Day Survival Backpack, Camo PREPPER’S FAVORITE: Emergency 2 hour Kit


Do You Think That The Chocolate Emergency Kit Was A Good Idea?

I’d love to hear what you think about this idea, also I need you to tell me the answer to a very important question – what would be in your chocolate emergency kit?

Why you need a chocolate emergency kit

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