Christmas in July – Let’s Party!

This July we are going to be celebrating Christmas in July every day and it’s going to be so much fun!

If you want to join in the fun you can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest so choose your favourite Social Media platform and follow us (or follow us on all of them, that would be amazing) and join in with us. After all why should we only celebrate in December?

The reason why I love Christmas in July is because I grew up in the UK and loved Christmas as it was a bright spot in the middle of winter, but when I was 19 I headed down under and now celebrate Christmas in summer. I have celebrated more summer Christmas’ than winter ones, but I just think a winter Christmas is a ‘proper’ one 😀

July in Brisbane (where I currently live) is during our winter so I can enjoy my hot chocolates (yes I prefer hot chocolate over eggnog at Christmas) and it just feels like a more Christmasy atmosphere. I am really looking forward to celebrating this year as I actually went back to the UK for Christmas last year and it was even more festive than I remembered!

Let me know your favourite part of Christmas on the social links and I will be adding more to this post as we travel through July. The links again are Facebook | Instagram |Pinterest – see you there!

Christmas Gift Giveaway

Will be given away 10 July 2023

This giveaway is running in both my Facebook and Instagram, there is only the one gift and it’s really to get the month up and running so how do you get your name into the draw?

Well as it says above it’s all about interacting so you can earn 1 entry by interacting on the posts – commenting, liking, tagging, sharing etc

You can also earn 5 entries if you purchase anything from our links, simply make your purchase and then message me to tell me what you have purchased.

If you want to earn 10 entries in one go then you can join to become a Preferred Client through my Arbonne business.

Good luck everyone and remember you can participate on both Facebook and Instagram (double the chances of winning).

Christmas Throw Pillows

Christmas Decor

Check out our range of Christmas Throw Pillows, a lovely way to add some festive cheer to your home.

Christmas throw pillows add a lovely touch of festive cheer to your home decor
Christmas Throw Pillows

Christmas Gift Ideas

Check out some of the amazing gift ideas collated on this next post, 20 gift ideas for women.

20 top gift ideas for women
Check out the article here

The image below shows up some of the gift ideas we shared in the 4th July gift posts on social media. The links to purchase are below and remember if you purchase anything to message Louanne on the SM platform that you are participating on for Christmas in July in order to qualify for some extra entries into the draw 😀

Christmas in July, Christmas gift ideas

Googly Eyes Eye Pads | Dinosaur Cable Bites | Funny Socks | Lego Flowers

More Gift Ideas

These gift ideas are available through Arbonne. Arbonne is a vegan company so if you have any vegans on your Christmas list anything from the company is 100% vegan. You can get any of them through my link

Shea Butter Hand Care Duo
Shea Butter Hand Care Duo

The Shea Butter hand wash and hand cream both feel really luxurious and either would make a great gift on their own. This set though comes with its own bamboo caddy and is great to have in the kitchen or the bathroom.

TrueSport range - a hydration, pre workout and post workout supplements. A perfect gift for any sporty person on your list.
True Sport Supplement Range

If you’ve got a sporty person on your Christmas list then they might want some supplements. Getting the TrueSports range for them to try is a great idea, if they are after a protein powder you could also get them that as well.

If you know someone that likes to party and spends Sundays with a hangover here’s a little tip – get them a box of TrueSport hydration as well as a box of Energy Fizz Sticks and if they put one stick of each in a litre of water and drink that the next day I have it on very good authority that it is the BEST hangover cure 😀

Christmas Recipes

There are lots of different recipes to enjoy so let’s have a look at a few that we have shared:

Fudge Recipe

Gingerbread Recipe

The Ultimate Keto Hot Chocolate Recipe

Christmas Cards

Let’s check out the range of Christmas cards that are available to purchase, including this fun one from Zazzle.

Fun Snowman Christmas Card. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, oooh it's Santa!
Buy card via Zazzle

And We’re Live!

In our live chat on 18th July we talked about Christmas Snow Globes and Bottle Fairy Lights. If you’re interested in checking out the selection we mentioned in our live then click on the links above.

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