Zombies Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day Too!


How to Create a Special Valentine’s Day for Your Favorite Zombie

Zombies can celebrate Valentine's Day too!If the special zombie in your life forgets Valentine’s Day don’t be too hard on them. It’s the lack of blood flow to the brain that makes them forget these special occasions.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate, just don’t expect them to have made plans for you.

The first thing to think of is getting them a special Valentine’s Day card and there are some great ones to choose from which they are sure to be impressed with. You can find lots to choose from at Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards.

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Now what kind of gift would a zombie like? I would guess that brains would be their gift of choice, but if you’re also planning a special dinner then you probably want to get them something different.

I would suggest a new collar or muzzle if you keep them at home. They may not appreciate it, but if you keep them under control they are less likely to be destroyed by zombie hunters so it’s a very practical gift idea.

If they used to like perfume or cologne before they ‘turned’ then you could get them an air freshner to hang around their neck. It’s unlikely that they will appreciate it as much as you because they have lost their sense of smell – you, however have to put up with the stench of rotting flesh so you could think of this gift as being a little present for you too. Don’t feel too bad that these gifts are more for you than for them – it’s not easy loving a zombie and you don’t always get understanding from friends and family members either.

In fact I think you should buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift from your zombie to you, just to celebrate that you’ve both ‘survived’ another February together. There are a few cool gift ideas that you might enjoy from zombie family stickers for your car to something sweet like chocolate brains. These can help you have a bit of a sense of humor with your relationship because I’m sure that your declarations of love didn’t include in undeadness as well as in life!


Did someone say brains?

You could be organized and buy one of the great range of candy brain molds to make your zombie Valentine their very own chocolate brains or you could go for a gummy bear styled brain….

 Gummy Brain

No although I prefer the chocolate brains I know a lot of people like the taste of tropical gummy bears which is exactly what this gummy brain tastes like. The other thing about it is that it looks much more like an actual brain than a chocolate one does!

This is a great gift idea for your Valentine to chew on and if the advertising on the site is anything to go by zombies do love these gummy brains!

 Zombie Love You So Much It Hurts

Isn’t this plush sweet? One thing that can be hard to get used to is the fact that you can’t snuggle up to your partner if they’re a zombie as it only gets them excited and they try and eat you yet again!

A plush toy is nice to give a hug to when you feel like you want a connection for a few seconds.

I would suggest you try and get your zombie half to dress up for a special meal, but I know how hard changing a baby can be let alone a grown ‘person’ who suddenly lurches forward in an attempt to eat you. A bite on Valentine’s Day is not something you want to get. There’s a big difference between a little love bite between ‘living’ humans and a bite from a zombie. If both of you become zombies then neither of you will be able to remember your relationship and there will be no more Valentine celebrations. It’s worst thatn having a partner with alzheimers because a zombie can’t even remember his/her youth.

Now dinner is something that you can make sure your zombie lover enjoys. First of all you need to get some sheep or cow brains ….. if too many people have got these already (there are others enjoying Valentine’s Day too) then you’ll have to go for another organ – hearts are a nice second choice that’s quite appropriate for this date too.

If you’re organized you would’ve gotten hold of some human blood which you can bring to room temperature and pour over the brains or heart just before serving up. This is the perfect meal for a zombie and if they have a little spark inside them that still realizes you’re there you can be sure they’ll adore your efforts to make February 14th very special for them.

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