Zombie Dart Boards

Zombie Dart Boards
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While darts won’t help you to take down a zombie, if you’re good at darts it will help your hand eye co-ordination so that should you find yourself with a crossbow or some such weapon that can help to destroy a zombie you’ll be able to aim it properly!

Whether or not you view darts as zombie hunter training or just a cool pub game to enjoy with friends you can’t help but love these zombie inspired dart boards. These are sure to become conversation pieces in your games room – they are certainly much more of a statement piece than my existing standard darts board!

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I’ve always thought of darts as being an English pub game, but according to some dart historians (yes there is such a thing!) the game may have originated in France, in the Jura region to be exact. There are actually two different forms of darts played one of which is called Javelot and the other is called Flechettes.

Javelot is played with foot-long darts that are thrown underarm, now as a zombie has no blood this wouldn’t help you with destroying them, but in a Zombie Apocalypse it could help you to kill small prey in order to eat – just saying…..

Flechettes Is the form that’s most similar to the darts we’re familiar with which won’t help by themselves, but does encourage that eye hand co-ordination that I’ve already spoken about.

Cool Zombie Themed Dart Boards

Let’s have a look at some of the cool zombie inspired designs that are available for you to choose from……..

 Zombies Hate Fast Food Dart Board Keep Calm and Carry On Zombies Dart Board Smiling Zombie Girls Dart Board

Is it a fun game piece, an interesting conversation piece or a training device? Which of these would you call a zombie dart board? I think the answer would have to be all three, but it’s up to you to make up your own mind and decide whether or not your home should be without one of these cool dart boards.

 Eye Heart Zombies Dartboard Zombie Apocolypse Art Dartboards zombies were people too dartboards

Did you know that although darts is often thought of as a game for the working classes who played it in pubs and inns it also has royal connections that go back hundreds of years? Apparently Henry VIII himself enjoyed playing in fact Anne Boleyn gave him a set of darts in 1530 before they were married …………………. I bet he didn’t have a board as cool as these zombie ones though.

What Do You Think of Zombie Dart Boards?

Do you think you’ll get a zombie dart board?   The do also make a great gift idea and I’m thinking of getting one for my (also zombie obsessed) brother.

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