Red Scarves Women Will Love

Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!
Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!

There’s something warm and vibrant about a red scarf that adds a certain ‘je ne sais pas’ to an outfit.  I’ve found some lovely red scarves women are bound to find perfect for their wardrobe.

A warm, red scarf is a perfect way to brighten up a winter outfit, but at the same time a red silk scarf can make a gorgeous statement when added to a summer ensemble.

Let’s look at a few different scarves and see if we can find a ladies red scarf that is perfect for you.


 Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf in Red and Black Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Fringe Red Scarf Silk Blend Oblong Chiffon Scarf in Solid Colors (Polka Red White) Premium Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf – Red Light Weight Infinity Scarf with Solid Colors Red Spikerking Unisex Soft Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf,Red SCARF_TRADINGINC® Twill Pashmina / Shawl / Wrap / Stole (Red) Infinity Scarf for Women – Elegant & Soft Woven Women’s Warm Long Shawl Winter Scarf in Big Red


More Colorful Scarves

If red isn’t your color then maybe you’d prefer to check out some of the other scarves I’ve found –

My daughter has always preferred the red scarves in our household whereas I’ve favored purple and hot pink. Somewhere along the way, however, I’ve found myself owning a couple of red scarves – a plain woolen one and a gorgeous light weight chiffon one.

Do you own any red scarves?

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Gorgeous Purple Scarves Women Want!

Purple scarves women love and wantWelcome to my post about purple scarves women love, first up I have to confess that purple is my favorite color so I may be a little biased! I do feel that every woman should own a purple scarf however, because purple is a color that seems to suit everyone.

Let’s not forget that through history purple has been the color of royalty and what woman hasn’t wanted to be a princess at least once in her life!

The best thing about purple scarves is that you can wear them in summer or winter so it pays to have both a lightweight purple scarf and a warm purple scarf in your wardrobe.

Purple scarves - perfect for summer or winter

Let’s have a look at some of these beautifully regal looking scarves that are available for you to buy…..

Purple Scarves for Winter Warmth

Keep warm while looking great with these scarves –


 Women’s Pashmina Cashmere Silk Solid Shawl Wrap Scarf Women’s Warm Long Shawl Winter Scarfs – Purple Women Thick Knit Winter Infinity Scarf (Purple) Winter Weight Purple Circle Scarf Purple Knit Unisex Scarf Chunky Purple Infinity Scarf


Lightweight Purple Scarves

As the months get warmer scarves can still be great fashion accessories like these beautiful lightweight purple scarfs that you know you want!

 Fashionable Solid Color Chiffon Scarf – Purple Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Fringe Scarf Wrap for Women (Purple) Wrapables Solid Color 100% Silk Long Scarf, Majestic Purple Ted and Jack – Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf in Purples Womens Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket, Chevron, Infinity Scarves (Purple) 7 Seas Republic Women’s Long Soft Scarf (PURPLE)


More Colorful Scarves for Women

As much as it pains me to admit, sometimes you need to embrace other colors besides purple!  I do have posts on some other scarves that you may enjoy –


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Hot Pink Scarves

Pretty hot pink scarves
Pretty hot pink & white polka dot scarf

Adding Hot Pink to YOUR Wardrobe!

Hot Pink adds a lovely brightness in the middle of winter when combined with black and/or denim. It also works really well with whites and cream colors in spring and summer as it adds a bloom to the outfit much like bougainvillea flowers bringing color to the vine.

The only problem with hot pink is that it is a very strong color. Adding hot pink to your wardrobe without it becoming over-powering can be a challenge, but here is an answer – Scarfs!

You can wear a hot pink scarf all year around – warm wool scarves in the winter and lightweight cotton scarves in the summer for example.



Let’s Buy Some Hot Pink Scarves!

A scarf is a great way to introduce a strong color such as hot pink into your existing wardrobe and here I have a collection of scarves for you to choose from.

 Christmas Gift, Egmy Women Long Soft Thin Wrap Lady Shawl Chiffon Scarf Beach Scarves (Hot Pink) Plain Color Scarf, more than 30 colors, 76 KMystic Large Plain Solid Viscose Scarf (Hot Pink) Women’s Solid Hot Pink Frayed Luxury Infinity Scarf Love Lakeside-Women’s Must Have Solid Color Crinkle Scarf (One, Hot Pink) Flyingeagle Trade Jacquard Paisley Pashmina Shawl Scarf Stole for Women (Bright/Hot pink)


More Colorful Fashion Scarves

Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing hot pink and that’s okay. I’ve found a couple of other colors which look great on scarves, you can see what I mean on the posts below –

Which Hot Pink Scarf is Your Favorite?

Are you a Hot Pink loving person? I used to have a gorgeous hot pink scarf, but I’m not sure what happened to it. At the moment I have a hot pink and black wool scarf that I can wear in winter – it really brightens up a cold day!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.