Are Zombie Gnome Lawn Ornaments Safe?

Zombie Gnomes - a garden decoration or are they out to get you?
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Some people see the range of Zombie Gnome Lawn Ornaments available these days and think ‘oh how cute!’ or ‘what a great gift idea.’   Do they not realize that some of us already know that zombie gnomes are after us.

They really need to heed the warning to – watch out for the Zombie Gnomalypse!

I’m sure you’ve heard tales of when gnomes attack and that you’ve noticed them lurking in gardens waiting for their moment to take over the world, but what about when they’re zombified?

Zombie gnomes are terrifying as they don’t even try to look like innocent little garden statues that mean you no harm – instead they look like zombies on a small scale.

A word of warning however, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous than actual zombies! These zombie gnomes have an advantage over ‘ordinary’ zombies in that they aren’t usually seen shuffling along after their prey. These sneaky creatures stay perfectly still so that people stop and admire them or even buy them as a novelty for their garden or as gifts for friends.

Once you’re asleep, the zombie gnomes are able to take you by surprise and you never wake up again…………. would you like to get one of these gnomes and see if the outcome would be any different should you take one home?

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Not Scared of a Zombie Gnome?

What About Two of Them?

I’m not sure I’d trust a solitary zombie gnome in my garden, but I’m positive that I wouldn’t trust two of them together! While you and I may not be able to hear them it doesn’t mean that gnomes can’t communicate with one another – it’s like a form of telepathy I’ve been told.

Imagine this set of two – it would be a lot easier for the two of them to plot your downfall than one on it’s own wouldn’t it? Having said that this could be the perfect gift for an annoying mother-in-law or a sibling that’s always lorded it over you, the office gossip who you just know started that rumor about you last year……..

 Zombie Boy & Girl Gnome Set – Halloween & Outdoor Decor

This set of two zombie gnomes are really cute and perfect for placing outside. They’re considered child friendly as their obscure facial expressions don’t scare children (although we know better don’t we?)

Zombies are pretty ‘hot’ these days just think of the success of ‘The Walking Dead’ as a television series so giving someone a gift like this would be seen as a novelty.

You couldn’t possibly be held responsible if anything should happen to your ‘friend’ or family member – could you?

Are Zombie Gnome Lawn Ornaments REALLY Dangerous?

Now some people still aren’t convinced that gnomes ever attack which is why they’re completely oblivious to the dangers of this new breed of zombie gnomes. I’d like to find out exactly how well these creatures are flying under the radar and to help me I need people to take this quick poll.

If You Really, Really Want a Zombie Gnome – Buy One Here!

Single Zombie Gnomes Aren’t Quite as Dangerous as Pairs!

Here are a few zombie gnomes for you to choose from if you really feel like you simply have to have one. Please don’t have several as the more you have the easier it will be for them to penetrate any defenses you set up to keep yourself and your family safe.

These gnomes may not be able to reach the door handle to get into your home on their own, but standing on each other’s shoulders …….. well it makes you think doesn’t it?

I must admit these would certainly make a cool decoration for Halloween ….. I’m certainly considering it, although I’d have to make sure I locked them all in the basement at night in the lead up to All Hallows Eve and then once the ‘night of fright’ is over with I would have to make sure they were all destroyed – hmmmm.

 Forum Novelties Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome

This one looks the part, but isn’t made of resin. It seems to be made of a light plastic which does cut down on the risk to your health.

It also probably wouldn’t be that good as a gift for someone who might actually like gnomes, for someone who likes zombies however it could be a bit of fun!

 Thumbs Up! Zombie Garden Gnome

Made from terracotta and painted with weather resistant paint this is a bone fide zombie gnome that you could easily gift to someone as a novelty gnome.

Alternatively if you’re really that blase about the dangers you could keep it for yourself!

 Zombie Gnome Girl Garden Statue Sculpture Halloween Decor

This resin gnome is supposed to be a zombie girl, but I had to include it because it reminded me of Smurfette!

I’m sure this is Smurfette in a Halloween costume dressed up as a zombie gnome – what do you think?

Want to use Zombie Gnome Ornaments as Halloween Decor?

A Cool Outdoor Decoration to Get Your Neighbors Talking

 Zombie Gnome Bits Scary Halloween Party Garden Decor

If you just like the idea of using these zombie gnomes as Halloween decor then this zombie gnome garden set of 3 zombie ‘bits’ is an ideal solution.

A couple of heads and a hand will have people wondering what’s happening in your garden and it might even keep you safe from any zombie gnomes in your neighborhood as they may think you’ve decapitated some of their colleagues and everyone knows that zombie gnomes are basically cowards. They attack when you’re asleep or have your back to them and if they think you’re onto them then the chances are they’ll give your house a wide berth!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our post on zombie gnomes, please feel free to share any of your experiences with these sneaky, brains obsessed garden ornaments……..

Watch out! Zombie Gnomes, things could get dangerous......

Watch out!  Zombie Gnome, things could get dangerous....

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