Do You Need a Keyword Tool?

How Important is a Keyword Tool Really?

stop do you need a keyword toolIf you’ve read my resource page you’ll know that I use Jaaxy as a keyword tool and you’ll find most people say you need to pay for a keyword tool if you’re serious about making money.

Ready for your mind to be blown?   You actually don’t NEED a keyword tool to make money online!

There, I’ve said it!

However, a keyword tool is a great idea and does help you a lot.  When I first started making 4 figures a month online I did not use a keyword tool and it was remembering this that made me pause and really think – do you actually need a keyword tool?

do you really need a keyword tool

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I have been debating whether or not you actually need a keyword tool to make money online and I have to say that the jury is out for me.

I must admit I may have been able to make more money with a keyword tool, but on the flip side I could have lost a lot of money.   Quite a number of years ago I wrote about something that if I’d used a keyword tool it would have shown no search totals.   Basically I was ahead of the crowd and within days I was getting thousands of visitors each day – no joke!

I also looked at the search terms that brought this traffic to me (back in the day when Google gave you a lot more information on this) and decided to write another post which by itself started to make $100s of dollars every month – for just one post -(sometimes it even went into the four figures as well).   I decided to check out the keywords and see if I could target some better ones – according to the tool I would be hard pressed to even rank for the keyword phrase (I was number 1 on Google for a long time)!  I’m glad I went with what I was seeing and not what a keyword tool told me and I guess that’s the key – know your market and only use Jaaxy (or whichever keyword tool you use) as a tool not the end all and be all of the matter.

Know your market and write for it NOT for what just one of your ‘tools’ says!

About a year ago I discovered how to find the QSR on Google itself instead of using Jaaxy.

I’ve used this along with a few other tips for a few posts and they have performed extremely well in comparison to a couple where I have used Jaaxy.  The ideal seems to be using both together, but if you’re starting out you can use these techniques before you fork out for a keyword tool.

I’m just starting to feel that although it’s not very much to spend in comparison to how much money you can earn I’m not so sure that it’s worth it for me – other people will obviously have other results so basically the jury is still out.

How to Find the QSR on Google & Other Tips for Keywords

So if you’ve used Jaaxy you’ll know that they use something called QSR to rank keywords, but you can find this easily yourself simply by using google search.

Basically you put your keyword into google and hit search, next go to the last search page and you’ll see on the image marked 1 a section at the bottom of the page that I’ve highlighted.  The number in that paragraph is the QSR, so in this case it’s 280.

The other tip I have relates to the image marked 2.  When you put your keyword into Google note what comes up at the bottom of the page (which I’ve highlighted for you), use some of these keyword phrases in your article as sub headings.  If I’m doing a fairly small article and don’t want too many I’ll find out the QSR of the phrases and work out what ones to use from that.

using google search instead of a keyword tool

stop signHold the presses, as of January 2018 I’ve cancelled my subscription of Jaaxy!  I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.

This certainly goes against everything people usually tell you to do, but the internet changes rapidly and I’ve just got a feeling that it’s not going to impact my earnings by not using it.

I will let you know if I change my mind and start subscribing again.

So what will you do?  Continue to use a keyword tool, or try and work without one for a while?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below …

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