Funko Pop Collectibles: Doctor Who Figures are the Best!

Funko Pop Collectibles Doctor Who Figrues are the BestWell to be honest I love all of the Funko Pop Collectibles, but one of my nieces’ is a die hard Doctor Who fan so Doctor Who Figures are always going to be a favorite!  I brought her the Eleventh Doctor Funko figure one Christmas and I wasn’t sure what she’d think of it – turns out that the Doctor Who pop funko figures were something she loved!

Let’s look at what Doctor Who Pop Funko figures are available for fans of both Funko vinyl figures and the famous Time Lord.

Doctor Who Figures in Chronological Order

Funko Pop Collectibles Time Lords That Is!

The Fourth Doctor – This doctor was brought to life by Tom Baker and is (in my opinion) the Doctor Who!  The Fourth Doctor with his long scarf and love of jelly babies was part of my growing up and as he was the longest reigning Doctor regeneration he was voted Britain’s favorite Doctor Who.

I must admit that after the show had it’s own regeneration and was reborn in this millennia I did re-watch some of the older sries with both the Third and Fourth Doctors and I really don’t know how we managed to be scared of the daleks!  Special effects have come a long way over the decades!

This Funko Fourth Doctor Who Figure is still the first one I would buy for myself if I were to start my own collection.

 Fourth Doctor: Doctor Who Funko Pop Figures

War Doctor – Chronologically the War Doctor appeared between the Eighth and Ninth Doctor.

 Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – War Doctor Action Figure

Ninth Doctor – When I heard Doctor Who was being re-booted I was quite looking forward to seeing it and I felt that Christopher Eccleston really brought a great attitude to his Doctor Who.   It’s a pity that he only did one series as he brought a rakishness to the part that I really enjoyed.

 Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figure

Tenth Doctor – Brought to life by David Tennant I felt that one of the highlights was that Sarah Jane Smith was brought back into the Whovarian universe.  During Ten’s generation there were also two successful spin offs – the Sarah Jane Chronicles and Torchwood with the cool Captain Jack Harkness!

 Funko POP Doctor Who Figure:The Tenth Doctor Funko POP: Doctor Who – 10th Doctor with Hand Action Figure

Eleventh Doctor – This was the first Funko Pop Figure I brought – why the Eleventh Doctor?  Well my niece thought that this Doctor (brought to life by Matt Smith) was the best one – in fact at one stage she was saving up to travel to Britain to try and meet and marry Matt Smith.   I’m not sure if she realized he wasn’t actually a time lord, but an actor but…..

 Funko POP Television: Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Funko POP Figure: – 11th Doctor with Mr. CLever Action Figure

Anyway when she received this figure (the first one pictured above) she was over the moon.   Apparently she already had some of them, but finding one of the Eleventh Doctor was really hard (I guess I just got lucky and you can get one from this page easily as well!)

Twelfth Doctor – I haven’t seen Peter Capaldi (the actor behind this regeneration) in action as yet, but I do think he looks like a very stylish time lord.

 Funko 4630 POP TV: Doctor Who Dr #12 Action Figure Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – 12th Doctor with Guitar Action Figure

Doctor Who Companion Funko Figures

 Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Sarah Jane Smith Action Figure Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Rose Tyler Action Figure Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Jack Harkness Action Figure Funko POP TV: River Song Doctor Who Action Figure

More Doctor Who Figures

Funko Pop Collectibles to Fall in Love With

 Funko 5286 POP TV: Doctor Who Tardis 6-Inches Action Figure Funko 4632 POP TV: Doctor Who Dalek Action Figure Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – 6 POP Doctor Who – Cyberman Vinyl Figure Funko 5258 POP TV: Doctor Who Weeping Angel Action Figure Doctor Who The Silence Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #299 Funko 4633 POP TV: Doctor Who Adipose Action Figure

Now on to the hard part, which of these Doctor Who Funko figures do you get first? I still don’t have any of my own because I’m stuck between the Fourth Doctor, the Tardis or a Dalek!  I am a little disappointed that there’s no K-9 Funko, but hopefully this gets rectified and then there will be no question as to which I get first!

Doctor Who Funko Pop Figures

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What’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Funko Figure?

Living Dead Zombie Dolls

Zombie Dolls Not For Little Girls!

Living Dead Zombie Dolls - not exactly Barbie!I first came across the Living Dead dolls a couple of years ago in a very eclectic shop and I absolutely loved how gruesome they looked, but between you and I there is no way I’d be able to sleep if I had them in my house! I would have nightmares of them coming alive while I was sleeping and stabbing me to death so I can safely say unless you’re buying for Wednesday Adams I would not recommend these for young girls.

Having said that if your teenager is into all things Gothic they may like these dolls. The thing with the Living Dead Dolls is that once they’ve got under your skin people tend to collect a lot of them. I have just discovered that they have quite a few zombie dolls as part of their range too and so I thought I would showcase some of them here.

Living Dead Zombie Dolls Series 22

Undead Dolls That Will Give You a Fright!

If you’re staying somewhere and you turn the corner and see one of these five dolls looking at you from a shelf I’m sure you’d have a heart attack!

The five dolls who are each featured in the introduction are Goria, Menard, Roxie, Ava and Peggy Goo. They do come in their own coffins when you purchase them, but there’s also a warning that they will be searching for brains on Earth since they were denied entry into hell!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Menard by Mezco Toyz

Menard looks like he was a monk in his former life before he started to rot away as a zombie – and in doll form at that, who knew that monks could turn into zombie dolls!

If you think he looks creepy in this photo take it from me he looks a lot creepier in real life and yet there are people who love him.

Personally I felt a strong urge to make the sign of the cross when I came across him!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Ava by Living Dead Dolls

I haven’t seen Ava in real life, but she reminds me of an evil little girl from an old movie, the name of which escapes me right now.

I can almost feel the evil coming through this photograph I really don’t think Ava was a good little girl before she became a zombie – do you?

Maybe we should refer to Ava as the devil’s spawn or maybe she was killed as she was possessed, either way Ava is a very scary looking un-dead doll.

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Goria by Living Dead Dolls

Goria is another one that I haven’t seen in real life, but I have to say I love the take on the Southern lady who’s been infected by zombies.

Knowing the detail in the other Living Dead dolls I can imagine that her piercing blue eyes would look even more dramatic when you were face to face with her.

This doll is probably the most ‘doll like’ of all of this range of dolls, in fact if you saw her lying face down you’d think she was an old porcelain doll that had been trashed by her owner, then you turn her over and the eyes will give you nightmares for weeks!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Roxie by Living Dead Dolls

When I first saw Roxie I didn’t realize that she was supposed to be a zombie, I thought she was a possessed girl and I swear a shiver ran through me – I could almost hear her scream in a foreign tongue.

Of course that wouldn’t happen because she’s not possessed she’s one of the un-dead, my imagination really did get away from me!


 Living Dead Dolls Series 22 – Peggy Goo

Peggy Goo is another one that I haven’t seen in real life, but she’s basically a waitress on roller skates which just goes to prove that even skating can’t always keep you safe from zombies.

Although the idea of a skating zombie is interesting and I do like the idea of seeing one in a movie (there may already have been one, but I can’t remember seeing it), this doll is my least favorite out of this range. I just don’t feel very ‘freaked out’ by her!

Zombie Themed Halloween Decorations?

Some people have told me that they wouldn’t be able to sleep if any of these dolls were in their house (I don’t know how they’ll survive with actual zombies, but anyways…), others have told me that they’d make perfect Halloween decorations and I do think they would be great at that – don’t you?

living dead zombie dolls not exactly barbie

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Dolls, Action Figures & Vinyl Figures

Dolls, Barbie Dolls and Action FiguresMany years ago I was asked (as a freelancer) to write about a range of Barbie dolls, it was the first time I really noticed just how many different Barbies there were in the world.   I was totally caught up in the range available and started writing about lots of other Barbie dolls for myself.

It got to the stage where my own daughter told me she thought I was getting a little obsessed by Barbies!   Barbie dolls led me to other action figures as well and finally I came across the Funko pop culture vinyl figures which was so much fun.

Here’s where you can find some of them along with a few other dolls just for variety’s sake.

Barbie Dolls

As most people seem to know Ruth Handler was the inventor of the Barbie doll who she named after her daughter Barbara.  She claimed that“My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be,” which is pretty special and certainly is shown in all of the career Barbies that are available.

Ruth Hanler also said “Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”  I do wonder if she could have imagined the number of pop culture icons that Barbie would embrace from Lieutenant Ulhura to Bella Swan, Wonder Woman to Lucille Ball and so many more.

The humble Barbie doll really has become an pop culture icon in her own right.  No longer just a doll for young girls every where to play with Barbie is a collectible doll as well!

Dolls & Action Figures

Monster High & Ever After Dolls

This millennium the girls that have been enthralled with Barbie for decades have been more discerning looking for dolls with a little bit more attitude like Bratz and then the Monster High School dolls.   Monster High and their spin off range of Ever After range introduced dolls with interesting back stories, books, webisodes and more.

Barbie dolls remained popular, but these dolls were definitely ones to enjoy playtime with!   The cross over between the popular Monster High School and Ever After High was managed through a student who changed schools – C.A. Cupid was at school in Monster High helping her fellow students to find love before she transferred to Ever After High to join the Rebels!

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Funko was founded in 1998, but I’ve really seen their vinyl figures come into their own over the last 10 years in Australia and I love them.   I don’t actually own any myself, but I have spent a long time in certain stores admiring the ever growing selection that they have.

My brother has quite a few and I have brought my Doctor Who loving niece a few Doctor Who Funko figures which were a huge hit.  They really are a great gift idea.

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Freddy Krueger Action Figures

Freddy Krueger Action Figures are Very Scary Dolls!

freddy krueger action figuresSome people have Action Men, some people have GI Joes, but for a really scary action figure you can’t go past Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger was brought alive by Robert Englund in Wes Craven’s cult 80s movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Freddy Krueger has scared a lot of people since he first slashed his way onto the big screen in 1984 and somewhere along the way he gathered a cult following which is where the Freddy Krueger Action Figures come in. With so many people enjoying the Nightmare on Elm Street movies people wanted Freddy Krueger collectibles and so Freddy Krueger dolls were created to fill the demand. I’ve compiled a selection here for you to browse through and enjoy.

Freddy Krueger Collectible Action Figures

If you’re a fan of the movie, or you know someone who is then these Freddy Krueger collectible action figures are an absolute must have.

 NECA Nightmare on Elm Street Scale New Nightmare Freddy Action Figure, 7 NECA Nightmare on Elm Street Ultimate Freddy 30th Anniversary 7 Nightmare on Elm St – “Power Glove Freddy” 7 A Nightmare on Elm Street – Action Figures – Cinema of Fear Series 2 – Freddy Krueger Action Figure NECA A Nightmare on Elm Street 7 Inch Action Figure Freddy Krueger The Dream Master Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street 12in Collectors Figure By Sideshow by Monsters

Freddy Krueger Talking Figure

Freddy Krueger is one of the scariest cult figures out there and now you can own a Freddy Krueger collectible action figure who can talk!

 A Nightmare on Elm Street,Original Pull String, 18″ Talking Freddy Kreuger 1989

One of the first ever Freddy action figures this is a real collector’s item. The features are –

  • Pull String Talking Freddy Krueger
  • Poseable Arms and legs
  • Rare toy from 1989

Freddy Krueger Bobble Head

Freddy Krueger is a frightening cult character and bobble heads are amusing so I’m not sure who decided to put the two together but the result is makes a must have collectible for any Freddy fan.

 Freddy Krueger Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead

Freddy Krueger Funko Figures

The popular pop culture vinyl Funko figures also have their own version of Freddy Krueger and I have to say he’s not at all frightening in this form!

 Funko Freddy Krueger Pop Movies Funko Freddy Krueger Pop Vinyl Exclusive (Hypodermic Needle Variant)

The Ultimate Freddy Krueger Action Figure – It’s Life Sized & Scary!

This would be awesome to place in the corner of a room during a Halloween party as he moves and speaks and basically scares the pants off of people! I’d love to have this animated Freddy in our bar, but I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep as he really does bring the original feelings that I felt after seeing the movie for the first time rushing back!

A (fairly) local cabaret restaurant has one of these life sized Freddy figures and I was pleased to see that it scared someone else besides me the last time we were there. Even though I know he’s not real every time I walk past I find my heart starts to feel like it’s beating too fast!

 Life Size Animated Freddy Krueger

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Michael Jackson Collectible Dolls

michael jackson collectible dollsThere are some great Michael Jackson collectible dolls available because as I always say -You know you’re famous when someone releases a doll in your image. When you’re a superstar of Michael Jackson’s stature then there are collections of dolls made!

Michael Jackson dolls are fast becoming ‘must have’ collectibles since his death in 2009. From the easily recognizable Michael Jackson Thriller Doll to a Michael Jackson OOAK doll.

If you know a Michael Jackson fan (and don’t we all?), or are one yourself then a Michael Jackson doll would make a fabulous gift.

Michael Jackson Thriller Dolls

The album Thriller catapaulted Michael Jackson to superstar status and the MIchael Jackson dolls began to appear.

In 1984 there were four Michael Jackson, Superstar of the 80s dolls issued and this Thriller outfit doll (available to purchase below) is one of them.

 Michael Jackson Superstar of The 80’s ” THRILLER ” Outfit Doll

This doll portrays MJ wearing his ‘thriller’ outfit complete with a microphone, posing stand and the infamous Michael Jackson glove.

The doll stands at 12 inches high.

Michael’s Thriller costume is definitely one of his iconic looks and is also an iconic look of the 80s when he first became known as the King of Pop!

These fun vinyl figures were also produced to represent Michael Jackson’s Thriller stage. The two represent Michael Jackson and Michael ‘Zombie’ Jackson!

 King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson

They certainly make a fun gift for any Michael Jackson fan and/or collector.

Michael Jackson, Superstar of the 80s Dolls

Along with the Thriller outfit doll, 3 other Michael Jackson dolls were produced as part of the Superstar of the 80s collection.

The four were Thriller, Beat It, American Music Awards and Grammy dolls.

 Michael Jackson “Superstar of The 80’s” Beat it Doll Michael Jackson Superstar of the 80’s Grammy Awards Michael Jackson American Music Awards

Michael Jackson doll outfits were also released for the Superstar of the 80s collection. This allowed you to just purchase one of the dolls and interchange the outfits instead of having to purchase all four dolls.

Michael Jackson Beat It Collector Figure

This collectible figure comes with it’s own stand and, approved by the Jackson Estate it bears a striking resemblance to the King of Pop during his 80s pop chart domination.

 Playmates Michael Jackson 10 Beat It Collector Figure

One of the cool things about this doll (besides how good it looks that is) is that it has 37 points of articulation.

In layman’s terms this means that you can pose this Michael doll in lots of different poses which is pretty awesome.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean Doll

One of a collectors series of MJ dolls made by Playmates that also includes the Beat It Michael Jackson figure above.

 Playmates Michael Jackson 10

Like the Beat It doll above this one is also fully articulated which means you can pose it in a number of different ways including mid-moonwalk!

Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ Doll

Michael Jackson followed up his Thriller album with another hit album Bad. He adopted black as his outfit of choice leaving the red alone.

There are a number of different ‘Bad’ dolls that you could add to your collection, but I really like this one by Hottoys. Besides the realistic looks of the doll this doll also comes with two sets of clothes depicting both the “Bad” costume featured here as well as the “Dirty Diana” costume.

 Michael Jackson Bad 12″ Figure By Hottoys

The best part about this doll, however is that it has what’s called P.E.R.S or Parallel Eyeball Rolling System. What this means is that after you’ve decided on what pose you want this doll to hold you can also change where his eyes are looking which is pretty cool.

How it works is that you lift up the back of the dolls head and move his eyes with a joystick style controller, when the eyes are in position you simply close the back of the head and your Michael Jackson doll is looking exactly how you want him to look!

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Doll

I have only managed to find Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal figures on eBay so my advice is when there’s one available act quickly!

Michael Jackson Billie Jean History Tour Doll – Rare Collectible Michael Jackson Doll

This rare and realistic doll is made on a 1/6 scale and has 38 points of articulation which (if you’ve been reading) you’ll know means that you can pose it in a lot of different positions.

 1/6 Scale M Icon Billie Jean History Tour Michael Jackson Figure

This posing is even easier as the doll also comes with 3 different sets of hands which means that you can choose the hands for the pose from a pointed finger to a hand that can hold his fedora.

It comes complete with a full ‘Billie Jean’ outfit including the famous glove and white socks as well as a display stand with a Michael Jackson nameplate – just in case there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t recognize him!

OOAK Michael Jackson Dolls

Along with the Michael Jackson dolls that you’ve already seen there are also the OOAK doll. OOAK means one of a kind and these dolls only come up occasionally so keep checking back to see what’s available.

Michael Jackson Tribute Ventriloquist Doll Dummy OOAK

End Date: Sunday Nov-5-2017 0:56:19 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $599.99
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MICHAEL JACKSON 1994 MJ standing next to Mj doll (1) RARE PHOTO

End Date: Monday Nov-13-2017 11:08:55 PST
Buy It Now for only: $4.97
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Nude Michael Jackson Articulated Doll for OOAK 1984 MJJ Productions LJN Toys

End Date: Tuesday Nov-7-2017 12:03:02 PST
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End Date: Friday Oct-20-2017 12:15:55 PDT
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Vintage 1980s Michael Jackson Barbie Doll Thriller Red Faux Leather Jacket RARE

End Date: Tuesday Nov-14-2017 21:22:36 PST
Buy It Now for only: $10.19
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Michael Jackson Action Figures | Michael Jackson Collectible Dolls

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