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Blog Traffic Bonus Guide
Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

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If you’re thinking there’s got to be a catch no one gives anything worth having away for free, well you’re right sort of.

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I guess it’s a great way to give you a taste of what she has to offer because it’s like I say on my resource page sometimes you have to hear the same thing said in a different way before it sinks in.  Lena’s way of writing strikes a chord with me, but it may not with you – let me know in either case.

I say let me know because you ARE going to try it out aren’t you?  Here’s the link one more time for you (just to save you from having to scroll ALL the way back up the page!

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How to Have a Zombie Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in Style with Both Zombie & Non-Zombie Members of Your Family!

A Zombie Christmas
Click here to visit our Zombie Gift Shop

Christmas is a time for family, but what happens if a member (or 2 or 3….) of your family is a zombie? Well personally I don’t think they should miss out on Christmas celebrations which is why I’ve decided to write out a plan for celebrating the holidays safely with both zombies and people who love zombies.

I’m going to show you ways to enjoy the season from decorating to eating a great Christmas dinner together so if you want a guide to celebrating Christmas with zombies this is it!

For the sake of this article I’m going to assume that at least one member of your family is a zombie which also assumes there are other zombies around which means you will need to take safety precautions because nothing ruins Christmas like an unexpected zombie bite – especially one that could have been avoided!

What you will find hereZombie Poll | Christmas Music | Decorating Ideas | Christmas Festive Fashion | Christmas Food – Zombies | Christmas Food – Humans | Christmas Gifts – Zombies | Christmas Gifts – Humans

Are Any of Your Family Members Zombies?

I’d love to know more about my audience so that I know what kind of tips will be more helpful for you to help plan your holiday season in a zombified world.

Do you have any zombies in your family?

Christmas Music – Setting the Mood for your Zombie Holiday Season

There’s just something about Christmas music, don’t you think? Listening to classic tunes as you do your Christmas shopping or decorating your home just adds to the whole mood of the event.

The advantage of music too is that zombies find it very soothing, almost mesmerizing – until it stops and then you can be in trouble so if you like to join carolers during the holidays – don’t! The group of carol singers enthralls zombies who will follow them as they sing to their audience, but once they stop …… well zombies get hungry it’s not really their fault.

I think the safest bet is to just play some of your favorite tunes in the security of your own home with the windows boarded up and the doors locked.

Old favorites can be given a new twist for your special celebrations this year with lyrics such as –

Jingle Bells, Zombies smell,

Shoot them in the head

or a different version of the same song re-named Zombie Bells that starts with –

‘sloshing through the snow

of zombies that we’ve slayed

through the gobs of goo

laughing all the way’

Let’s not forget a song that my Gran used to enjoy singing, although she didn’t know this version!

Deck the halls with chunks of zombie,

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Check out some of the music on the music videos below –

Deck the Halls in Zombie Stylin’

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Now you don’t want to be spending your holiday season fighting with zombies who don’t have anywhere to spend the holidays with do you? This means that even though it’s the season of goodwill you will need to remember your family’s safety and this means keeping the window’s boarded up.

Does this mean you can’t decorate? Absolutely not! There are lots of ways in which you can transform your home in true Christmas style, so let’s see how we can do it. For me the first thing that says the holidays is a Christmas tree and what better than a Zombie inspired Christmas tree this year?

Create a Zombie Inspired Christmas Tree
Are you a zombie lover or at least intrigued by these un-dead creatures that seem to be exploding in popularity these days? If you are then you might … Read more

Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

For the next part of decorating we look at the windows, now just because they’re boarded up doesn’t mean that you can’t give them some festive flair.

G P LTD DBX02-100018 Icicle Light Set

First you can hang lights around the windows, either icicle style lights like this along the top of the window or the traditional Christmas tree style lights around the whole boarded window.



Santa Artificial Snow Spray

If you’re usually singing, ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ in the lead up to the holidays then you can still have a little winter magic inside your home.

This fake snow isn’t just for glass, it can be used on your boarded up windows too. You can go free hand with some cool designs, use some Christmas stencils or just put a little bit of snow along the bottom of the window as though it’s just landed there!

Zombie Stockings

When it comes to the mantle, you can still hang stockings over it. Do make sure you have a fire going all throughout the holidays though, I would hate an errant zombie to find his way down the chimney instead of Santa.

Of course while we’re talking about the mantle, you do need to put all of your Christmas cards on there as well. Depending on how rampant zombies are towards these holidays you may find that you don’t receive many (if any) greeting cards.

I wouldn’t worry about what you do or don’t receive however as long as you make the effort yourself – after all they say it’s the giving not the receiving that counts.

I’ve found a great selection of Christmas cards for you to give to your friends and family. It’s likely that the postal service won’t actually be running so you’ll have to hand deliver them. Simply take your zombie family member on a lead to deliver the cards and that way any stray zombies will keep away. Now I would recommend that you put a muzzle on them as if they see too many other zombies they could get a little more animated than usual which means a little bitey and someone has to remain human in order to organize Christmas!

Zombie Christmas Cards
Have a very undead Christmas this year with some of these gorgeous Zombie inspired Christmas cards……read more

Dressing Up for the Holidays

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Now I don’t know if you don a Christmas t-shirt or an ugly sweater at Christmas, but I’m sure you at least wear something festive.

I’m assuming that you’re keeping any zombie family members in the main living area so that they can enjoy all of the festivities and that they’re safely shackled up to avoid any unnecessary ‘accidental bitings’ which means you can add something to their outfits.

Some people would suggest a Santa hat, but I’d save them for the human members of the family as sudden lurching in an attempt to bite fellow family members can cause the hat to fall off or over their eye which can become disorientating and make them more aggressive.

A great idea is a Christmas necklace – you know the sort of plastic flashing jewelry that shop assistants (and possibly your aunt Edna) wear to put you in the mood to spend money.

Christmas Holiday Flashing Light Necklace

This is the type I mean, now pop a muzzle onto your zombie and then undo the necklace and wrap it around their collar for a very festive touch.

It’s like a holiday fashion accessory and a holiday decoration at the same time!


Delicious Food for a Zombie Christmas

Feeding Your Family Zombies During the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but one thing about Christmas is that it’s a time for eating too much and gorging on festive treats like mince pies, Christmas pudding, gingerbread men and more. What do zombies like to eat more than anything else? Brains of course!

Now you can’t exactly get a human brain at the supermarket or even at a butchers shop so how can you make their holidays extra special? The trick is organization and planning ahead so that they can have a delectable feast just like their human family members.

You should be able to buy a cow or pig’s brain for their main course, but to make it extra special you want to add some human blood which is where the planning comes into play. In the lead up to the holiday season blood banks generally make a concerted effort to get more supplies to stockpile. You need to either befriend someone who works in a blood bank or become a volunteer yourself.

Once you get access you’ll need to slip a bag or two of blood into your own bag to take home. Once you get the blood home it’s very important that you freeze it straight away. Once frozen zombies can’t smell the blood, if you have human blood lying around ‘fresh’ then it will drive any zombies that live with you absolutely crazy and extremely bitey around you!

When you’re preparing your big Christmas dinner simply let the blood thaw out and then serve up their cow or pig brain with human blood poured over it in the same way you’d pour gravy over your turkey (or holiday meat of choice). They will absolutely love it even though they don’t show their emotions you can be sure they’ll leave a very clean plate and somewhere deep inside they will appreciate what you’ve made for them.

What About Zombie Treats to Snack On?

Of course it’s not just about what to feed your zombified family member for Christmas lunch/dinner, it’s about all of the festive snacks we have on offer during the holidays. I mean seriously can you see them eating gingerbread men, candy canes or even sugar cookies shaped like Santa or a Christmas tree?

Actually, there is a way to make them some cool snacks as well and it involves getting some entrails and eyeballs from your butcher, here’s how you prepare a Zombie Christmas Treat –

Get any of the entrails or offal that you can from a butcher and put them all through a grinder together – you want to get it into a fine grind.

Pop any eyeballs you can get into your mixture (these are delicacies by themselves).

Now place the mixture onto some parchment paper, fold it over and proceed to roll it so that it makes a roll.

Twist the two ends of the parchment paper together so you get the look of a Christmas bonbon.

Next place the parchment paper covered ‘roll’ on to some tinfoil and wrap again, twisting the ends tightly.

Add the ‘roll’ into a pot of cold water and cook slowly over a low heat (it can simmer slightly, but you don’t want it to boil) for 40-50 minutes.

Remove from water and allow to cool before removing from the foil and parchment paper.

When it’s cold you can cut it into slices like it’s a piece of salami or liverwurst.

Wilton Holiday 6-Piece Mini Metal Cutter Set

Once you’ve cut this ‘roll’ into slices you just take one of these metal cutters and cut it into festive shapes for them to enjoy – perfect.

Now admittedly they’d probably prefer raw entrails, but I’m told they’ll still eat this and it sure looks more festive when they’re eating candy cane shaped ‘sausage’ than a bowl of raw entrails!

Zombie Inspired Christmas Treats for Human Consumption

Celebrate Your Love of Zombies with Festive Snacks

When it comes to the human family members you can still pay homage to your zombified family members by preparing delicious treats for your holiday season.

Simply make their favorite sugar cookie, shortcake or gingerbread recipe and use these cookie cutters to develop some fun treats that you can enjoy.

Already Been Chewed Cookie Cutter

If you’re after cutters with a real festive edge then you can’t go past these gingerbread men cutters who have obviously not run fast enough to beat any zombies!

Tucking into these treats should make it feel more like the traditional Christmases of old.


A Guide to Gift Giving at a Zombie Christmas

What Do Zombies Like?

To be honest as much as any zombie family member may have loved to receive the latest model of ipad, bottle of expensive cologne/perfume or a Fendi bag when they were still human about the only thing they want now is brains and that’s for their Christmas dinner!

It would feel strange to not give them a gift though so here’s a few ideas that you could place under the tree for them.

Car Freshener -Royal Pine

Car fresheners can be hung around their necks and help to disguise the stench of decaying flesh a little – it’s not exactly a wonderfully aromatic experience sharing a house with a zombie you know.


Dean and Tyler Leather Dog Collar

A new collar is a great idea as a lot of pressure is put on their collars as they pull against it in order to take a bite out of family members so it’s a good safety measure as well.

This is a nice looking one in brown that might suit who you’re buying for.

Zombie Inspired Gifts for Humans

For the human members of the family you can get a range of different things that they might enjoy, but there’s also a range of zombie inspired gifts that you might think are more appropriate this year.

There are lots of cool zombie gifts ideas available and because of the wide selection I’ve put them all on another page for you to enjoy –

The Zombie Shop 

How to have a zombie Christmas
Feel free to pin me!

Will You Be Having a Zombie Christmas This Year?

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Interlinking With Your Blog Posts

Interlinking on your blog postsIf you want to see your online income explode then one of the things you’ll need to learn is how to interlink your blog posts.

Interlinking your posts is very important, why I hear you ask.   Well if you’ve got someone to one of your posts and then they’ve clicked away you want to make sure that they have either clicked through to buy something (through an affiliate link) or they’ve clicked through to another post on your blog.

There is no point in working to get traffic to your posts if you let it just whiz through and then disappear further down the internet highway.  How, where, help!

How & Where to interlink?

There are lots of ways in which you can interlink, the most common and surprisingly effective way is a simple text link.   If your blog post is a product review post and the objective is to sell something then a text link to the product in the first paragraph is extremely effective.

You want to sprinkle your links all over your post like breadcrumbs to entice people to weave their way through your blog and make sure that they don’t miss reading anything that would interest them.

I’ve put those last words in bold because they are important – you need to be constantly thinking of the reader.  If they are interested in scarves then you want to make sure that the post links out to all of your posts about scarves, but NOT your posts on zombies because really it’s about what you know they’re interested in not the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Having said that if they’ve come to a post about purple scarves and you happen to have one on purple hats or bags you could link to those as well.  This is because they are the same color and it’s another way of adding the color to your wardrobe using accessories which could be why they’re looking for the purple scarf.

I had a boss once who said to us the best customer service is about selling the customer everything they need, but nothing they don’t.  It’s not about getting your stats right it’s about making sure your customer is happy.  Happy customer = repeat customer and a very happy customer = referring customer.  You want both.

Another way of adding a link is by linking your images – I usually use this to link to affiliate products as opposed to other posts, but you could try this technique.

Interlinking your blog posts

Easy Product Displays Can Help With Interlinking

Have you heard of Easy Product Displays or EPD?  The idea behind them initially was to build HTML displays for selling products, but you can use them to interlink as well.

I have used them in a couple of ways, this image is a screenshot from one of my other websites –

Related posts made by EPD

This image is an example of how I use EPD in place of a related post plugin.  The related post plugin is a time saver and can be good, but sometimes you want to micro-manage which posts are used and also make sure that the images look good.

The image above is at the bottom of a post on Gothic Valentine’s Day Cards which is why I have included Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards & Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards at the bottom.  I also wanted to show them that you can also get some great Gothic Birthday Cards (after all if they’re sending someone a Valentine’s Day card they’re probably going to send them a birthday card too don’t you think?)

Another way of interlinking with EPD is by teasing with a little bit of text from the post you’re linking to which (you hope) will entice people to click on it.  You can see this idea on my Snow White Figurine blog post –

A featured post with EPD

This post was the perfect opportunity to link to a blog post on Snow White Christmas ornaments and EPD allowed me to create a display with an image and the first lines of the post.

BTW – If you want to know what tools I use besides EPD then check out my big resource page!

What Else to Interlink?

You don’t have to just link out to blog posts, you can also interlink throughout your blog to category pages and tag pages.  Using text links is probably the easiest and best way of doing this.

An example may be when you’re writing about How to Defeat a Zombie, you could talk about zombies and say something like – As you know zombies are pretty resilient and just keep going and going even if they’re leaving their entrails behind and are only able to shuffle, so how do you stop them?  If you’ve watched any zombie movie you will know that you need to strike at their head in order to be successful.

The blue word could be interlinked with the zombie category page, while you could interlink the green words to a tag page for zombie movies (if you have one).

Remind Me Why Interlinking is Good Again

Not only does interlinking help keep the reader on your blog so that you can make sure they get all the information they want it also sends signals to Google.  If Google sees a lot of interlinking they can work out that you have a lot of relevant information and that you are more of an authority on your subject.

The main reason should always be to provide a great experience for your reader, but the fact that Google loves it too is definitely a bonus!

Are You Interlinking Within Your Blog?

If you’re not doing so at the moment, I hope you will be after reading this post.  I’m also curious as to which of these techniques you use and whether you have any more to share.

Interlinking, the way to get your blog posts to perform better

The Zombie Gift Shop

Queuing at the Zombie Gift ShopLots of Zombie Goodies to Buy!

Whether you’re looking for a zombie inspired gift or you just want to treat yourself I’m sure you’ll enjoy perusing our selection, although if you’re after actual human brains or body parts I’m afraid you won’t find them here………

Zombie T-Shirts

I have yet to find a zombie fan who doesn’t like t-shirts which is why I’ve decided to start you off with a few cool ones right here and if none of them appeal to you then I do have a couple of links to more below.

 Zombie Apocalypse Gamers Keep Calm Funny T-shirt I train to stay alive zombie running shirt You’re Goin Down with Zombies T-Shirt Zombies love you for your brains T-Shirt The WALKING DAD shirt Zombie Edition Fast (zombie) Food T-Shirt Vegan Zombie – Vegetarian zombie, Funny Zombie T-Shirt I’M WITH ZOMBIE BAIT T-Shirt Zombie Beatles T-Shirt

If you don’t fancy any of these then you might want to check out these pages –

Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirts
Shaun of the Dead T-Shirts

Zombie Books for the Inner Bibliophile Zombie

 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie You Might Be A Zombie Fact book

Then again you might want to stick to books on The Walking Dead, my brother enjoys the graphic novel over the television series…..

 The Walking Dead: Compendium One The Walking Dead: Compendium Two The Walking Dead Chronicles: The Official Companion Book


If you wanted an idea on some Zombie Apocalpse survival guides then you can check out a couple of books that are mentioned on our blog post – Help a Friend Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

More Cool Zombie Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

There are just so many different ideas for zombie fans that it’s hard to know what to showcase and what not to, but here’s a few things that I think any zombie fan would love –

 Zombie Garden Gnome Creepy cerebral candle Zombie Entrails Stuffed Scarf Plush Supernatural Zombie Tarot Cards Deck Walking Dead Playing Cards (2-Pack) Creepy Zombie Cribbage Game Zombie See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters Beistle 00040 Zombie Feet Slippers Darryl Limited Edition (The Walking Dead )Funko Pop Figure

Gorgeous Tea for One Teapot Gift Sets

Lionel Richie parody teapot tea gift set
Lionel Richie parody teapot tea gift set

I love sassy and fun teapots, but when I first saw the tea for one teapot gift sets a few years ago I was instantly hooked.  The first one I saw was a bright red with white polka dots and I loved it, unfortunately when I went back a week later to buy it they had none left 🙁

It has left me loving the idea of the tea for one teapots though and I think they’re a perfect gift idea for any tea loving friend or family member that you know.  They are especially good when your household consists of mainly coffee drinkers – sometimes you just need to show a fellow tea drinker some solidarity!

Let’s have a look at just a few of these gorgeous teapot sets and see if there’s any you just have to have – just don’t make my mistake and wait a week!


 Botanical Porcelain Duo Teapot, Teacup and Saucer Set 4-Piece Porcelain Tea for One Stacked Teapot & Cup Set Porcelain Rose Teapot and Teacup Tea For One Set

These botanical and floral teapot sets are simply gorgeous and I think the pink roses on the white background one would’ve been perfect for my late grandmother as roses were her favorite flower and she did enjoy her cup of tea!

Lots of people around the world enjoy a lovely cup of tea to get through their day and so there’s lots of different teapot gift sets to reflect that, have a friend who loves Star Wars? Every group seems to have at least one member that’s a Star Wars fan, unfortunately the friend of mine who is slightly fanatical about the saga is a confirmed coffee drinker.

Star Wars Teapot Gift Sets That Are Out of This World!

Enjoy a lovely cup of your favorite tea in style while having a Star Wars movie marathon over a cold winter weekend….

 Star Wars BB-8 Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set Star Wars Rouge One Death Star Ceramic Teapot Set

But which one to choose ………………….

There are lots of different gift sets for tea lovers everywhere. My own mother loves owls and as she’s a widow one of these teapot sets would be ideal. The one I’ve found below is perfect for all of the owl lovers out there like my mom.

Owl tea for one teapot gift set

So what type of teapot set would you choose? I’ll leave you with a few more to help make your decision.

 Tea Set For One with Teapot, Tea Cup, Infuser & Bamboo Coaster Addison Tea for One Set – Black & White Tea Gift Set Someone Special Red Floral Teapot and Teacup for One Set Butterflies and Blue Border Porcelain Tea Set for One Shoes On Her Mind Tea for One Set, Teapot Rests on Top of Tea Cup Vanderbilt Porcelain Duo Teapot Tea For One From Biltmore House Collection

Be sure to check out other gift ideas we have for your tea loving friends and family at gifts for tea drinkers.
Gorgeous tea for one gift sets

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Red Scarves Women Will Love

Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!
Ladies Red Scarves, perfect for summer or winter!

There’s something warm and vibrant about a red scarf that adds a certain ‘je ne sais pas’ to an outfit.  I’ve found some lovely red scarves women are bound to find perfect for their wardrobe.

A warm, red scarf is a perfect way to brighten up a winter outfit, but at the same time a red silk scarf can make a gorgeous statement when added to a summer ensemble.

Let’s look at a few different scarves and see if we can find a ladies red scarf that is perfect for you.


 Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf in Red and Black Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Fringe Red Scarf Silk Blend Oblong Chiffon Scarf in Solid Colors (Polka Red White) Premium Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf – Red Light Weight Infinity Scarf with Solid Colors Red Spikerking Unisex Soft Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf,Red SCARF_TRADINGINC® Twill Pashmina / Shawl / Wrap / Stole (Red) Infinity Scarf for Women – Elegant & Soft Woven Women’s Warm Long Shawl Winter Scarf in Big Red


More Colorful Scarves

If red isn’t your color then maybe you’d prefer to check out some of the other scarves I’ve found –

My daughter has always preferred the red scarves in our household whereas I’ve favored purple and hot pink. Somewhere along the way, however, I’ve found myself owning a couple of red scarves – a plain woolen one and a gorgeous light weight chiffon one.

Do you own any red scarves?

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Funko Pop Collectibles: Doctor Who Figures are the Best!

Funko Pop Collectibles Doctor Who Figrues are the BestWell to be honest I love all of the Funko Pop Collectibles, but one of my nieces’ is a die hard Doctor Who fan so Doctor Who Figures are always going to be a favorite!  I brought her the Eleventh Doctor Funko figure one Christmas and I wasn’t sure what she’d think of it – turns out that the Doctor Who pop funko figures were something she loved!

Let’s look at what Doctor Who Pop Funko figures are available for fans of both Funko vinyl figures and the famous Time Lord.

Doctor Who Figures in Chronological Order

Funko Pop Collectibles Time Lords That Is!

The Fourth Doctor – This doctor was brought to life by Tom Baker and is (in my opinion) the Doctor Who!  The Fourth Doctor with his long scarf and love of jelly babies was part of my growing up and as he was the longest reigning Doctor regeneration he was voted Britain’s favorite Doctor Who.

I must admit that after the show had it’s own regeneration and was reborn in this millennia I did re-watch some of the older sries with both the Third and Fourth Doctors and I really don’t know how we managed to be scared of the daleks!  Special effects have come a long way over the decades!

This Funko Fourth Doctor Who Figure is still the first one I would buy for myself if I were to start my own collection.

 Fourth Doctor: Doctor Who Funko Pop Figures

War Doctor – Chronologically the War Doctor appeared between the Eighth and Ninth Doctor.

 Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – War Doctor Action Figure

Ninth Doctor – When I heard Doctor Who was being re-booted I was quite looking forward to seeing it and I felt that Christopher Eccleston really brought a great attitude to his Doctor Who.   It’s a pity that he only did one series as he brought a rakishness to the part that I really enjoyed.

 Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figure

Tenth Doctor – Brought to life by David Tennant I felt that one of the highlights was that Sarah Jane Smith was brought back into the Whovarian universe.  During Ten’s generation there were also two successful spin offs – the Sarah Jane Chronicles and Torchwood with the cool Captain Jack Harkness!

 Funko POP Doctor Who Figure:The Tenth Doctor Funko POP: Doctor Who – 10th Doctor with Hand Action Figure

Eleventh Doctor – This was the first Funko Pop Figure I brought – why the Eleventh Doctor?  Well my niece thought that this Doctor (brought to life by Matt Smith) was the best one – in fact at one stage she was saving up to travel to Britain to try and meet and marry Matt Smith.   I’m not sure if she realized he wasn’t actually a time lord, but an actor but…..

 Funko POP Television: Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Funko POP Figure: – 11th Doctor with Mr. CLever Action Figure

Anyway when she received this figure (the first one pictured above) she was over the moon.   Apparently she already had some of them, but finding one of the Eleventh Doctor was really hard (I guess I just got lucky and you can get one from this page easily as well!)

Twelfth Doctor – I haven’t seen Peter Capaldi (the actor behind this regeneration) in action as yet, but I do think he looks like a very stylish time lord.

 Funko 4630 POP TV: Doctor Who Dr #12 Action Figure Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – 12th Doctor with Guitar Action Figure

Doctor Who Companion Funko Figures

 Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Sarah Jane Smith Action Figure Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Rose Tyler Action Figure Funko POP TV: Doctor Who – Jack Harkness Action Figure Funko POP TV: River Song Doctor Who Action Figure

More Doctor Who Figures

Funko Pop Collectibles to Fall in Love With

 Funko 5286 POP TV: Doctor Who Tardis 6-Inches Action Figure Funko 4632 POP TV: Doctor Who Dalek Action Figure Funko POP Television: Doctor Who – 6 POP Doctor Who – Cyberman Vinyl Figure Funko 5258 POP TV: Doctor Who Weeping Angel Action Figure Doctor Who The Silence Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #299 Funko 4633 POP TV: Doctor Who Adipose Action Figure

Now on to the hard part, which of these Doctor Who Funko figures do you get first? I still don’t have any of my own because I’m stuck between the Fourth Doctor, the Tardis or a Dalek!  I am a little disappointed that there’s no K-9 Funko, but hopefully this gets rectified and then there will be no question as to which I get first!

Doctor Who Funko Pop Figures

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

What’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Funko Figure?

Living Dead Zombie Dolls

Zombie Dolls Not For Little Girls!

Living Dead Zombie Dolls - not exactly Barbie!I first came across the Living Dead dolls a couple of years ago in a very eclectic shop and I absolutely loved how gruesome they looked, but between you and I there is no way I’d be able to sleep if I had them in my house! I would have nightmares of them coming alive while I was sleeping and stabbing me to death so I can safely say unless you’re buying for Wednesday Adams I would not recommend these for young girls.

Having said that if your teenager is into all things Gothic they may like these dolls. The thing with the Living Dead Dolls is that once they’ve got under your skin people tend to collect a lot of them. I have just discovered that they have quite a few zombie dolls as part of their range too and so I thought I would showcase some of them here.

Living Dead Zombie Dolls Series 22

Undead Dolls That Will Give You a Fright!

If you’re staying somewhere and you turn the corner and see one of these five dolls looking at you from a shelf I’m sure you’d have a heart attack!

The five dolls who are each featured in the introduction are Goria, Menard, Roxie, Ava and Peggy Goo. They do come in their own coffins when you purchase them, but there’s also a warning that they will be searching for brains on Earth since they were denied entry into hell!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Menard by Mezco Toyz

Menard looks like he was a monk in his former life before he started to rot away as a zombie – and in doll form at that, who knew that monks could turn into zombie dolls!

If you think he looks creepy in this photo take it from me he looks a lot creepier in real life and yet there are people who love him.

Personally I felt a strong urge to make the sign of the cross when I came across him!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Ava by Living Dead Dolls

I haven’t seen Ava in real life, but she reminds me of an evil little girl from an old movie, the name of which escapes me right now.

I can almost feel the evil coming through this photograph I really don’t think Ava was a good little girl before she became a zombie – do you?

Maybe we should refer to Ava as the devil’s spawn or maybe she was killed as she was possessed, either way Ava is a very scary looking un-dead doll.

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Goria by Living Dead Dolls

Goria is another one that I haven’t seen in real life, but I have to say I love the take on the Southern lady who’s been infected by zombies.

Knowing the detail in the other Living Dead dolls I can imagine that her piercing blue eyes would look even more dramatic when you were face to face with her.

This doll is probably the most ‘doll like’ of all of this range of dolls, in fact if you saw her lying face down you’d think she was an old porcelain doll that had been trashed by her owner, then you turn her over and the eyes will give you nightmares for weeks!

 Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Roxie by Living Dead Dolls

When I first saw Roxie I didn’t realize that she was supposed to be a zombie, I thought she was a possessed girl and I swear a shiver ran through me – I could almost hear her scream in a foreign tongue.

Of course that wouldn’t happen because she’s not possessed she’s one of the un-dead, my imagination really did get away from me!


 Living Dead Dolls Series 22 – Peggy Goo

Peggy Goo is another one that I haven’t seen in real life, but she’s basically a waitress on roller skates which just goes to prove that even skating can’t always keep you safe from zombies.

Although the idea of a skating zombie is interesting and I do like the idea of seeing one in a movie (there may already have been one, but I can’t remember seeing it), this doll is my least favorite out of this range. I just don’t feel very ‘freaked out’ by her!

Zombie Themed Halloween Decorations?

Some people have told me that they wouldn’t be able to sleep if any of these dolls were in their house (I don’t know how they’ll survive with actual zombies, but anyways…), others have told me that they’d make perfect Halloween decorations and I do think they would be great at that – don’t you?

living dead zombie dolls not exactly barbie

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Zombie Cinderella – A Fairy Tale for the Undead

Once Upon A Zombie….

Zombie CinderellaI recently discovered a range of dolls called Once Upon a Zombie dolls and they are based on some of our favourite fairy princesses, but in zombie form. On the description for the dolls it says that a zombie curse was placed on them, but I’m not so sure that’s the full story.

There actually exists a parallel universe where in a world much like ours zombies roam around in most of the towns and cities. This world has storytellers just like our world does and they tell tales about names that are very similar to fairy tales from our world – Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White & Sleeping Beauty to name a few.

Let me share the undead version of the Cinderella story with you and I think when you see the description you’ll agree that the Once Upon a Zombie Cinderella doll was definitely based on this story.

(Just a side note, this story is different to the books sold in conjunction with these dolls).

Zombie Cinderella – The Undead Tale

Ella Goes From Cinderella to Zombiella!

Once upon a time a beautiful baby girl was born to a noble couple – she was the Honourable Lady Ella. Unfortunately the joy of her birth was overshadowed by the death of her mother days later. In spite of her motherless childhood Ellas was a very happy child with a good heart and when her father told her he had met someone she was excited to gain a new mother and two new sisters.

Not long after her father’s second marriage tragedy was to strike once again and Ella’s beloved father was killed in a riding accident. Ella’s stepmother was not happy when she discovered that her new husband didn’t leave her quite as well off as she would’ve liked and she would have to let the servants go. She turned her ire onto her stepdaughter and before long Ella was doing all of the cooking and housework – she was even tending the garden so that she could cook delicious meals with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Although her stepmother and sisters enjoyed Ella’s cooking they would never think of telling her she was good as they were to self absorbed.

One night after stoking the fire in the kitchen before meaning to head to bed Ella sat down on the heart and started to think about her father. In what seemed like only minutes later she heard a very indignant ‘Ella!’ and felt a sharp kick in her ribs. Opening her eyes she realized two things – one that she’d been asleep for a couple of hours and two that her younger stepsister was annoyed with her.

‘Ella, you’re supposed to leave me water on my bedside table, you know I get thirsty during the night.’ Ella scrambled up and started to apologise as she got a glass of water for her stepsister.

The next morning at breakfast Ella’s eldest stepsister complained that she really needed her own room and shouldn’t still be sharing with her sister. Before her mother could say anything her sister volunteered the information that Ella had been sleeping on the heart the night before.

Before the day was out Ella’s few remaining belongings were boxed up and put into the attic and her stepsisters each had their own bedrooms. Ella actually didn’t really mind sleeping by the fire after the first few nights as it was lovely and warm, but it didn’t take long before her family had renamed her Cinderella.

One day a letter was delivered to the house that requested all of the young ladies of the land attend a ball at the palace as the King’s only son was to find a bride. Ella’s stepsisters were very excited and talked nonstop about what kind of dresses they wanted to wear and how they should style their hair. Their mother listened and did some sums to see what they could afford to spend on dresses that she hoped would change their fortunes – you see Ella’s stepsisters may have been self-absorbed, selfish and mean girls, but they were both quite attractive and had a regal bearing about them.

As Ella’s stepmother and sisters plotted and planned Ella wondered when they’d turn to what she would be wearing so when they were all eating a delicious meal that night she tentatively asked, ‘so what do you think I should wear to the ball?’

For a second there was stunned silence until her sisters exploded in laughter – ‘Cinderella going to a ball?’

‘You’re too funny Cinder-ella – what would make you think you’re invited?’

‘The invitation said all of the ladies…..’ her stepmother interrupted Cinderella before she could finish talking ‘Ella, we simply don’t have enough money for four ballgowns and I will have to go to chaperone my daughters so you’ll have to stay here, besides you’ll be too busy to go out dancing.’

That night Cinderella didn’t sleep very well and was still feeling unhappy the next day. Even though she was a glorified slave to her step family she hadn’t felt unhappy until now, she really, really wanted to go to the ball. She carried on as normal for the next few days as the excitement over the ball reached fever pitch in the house until finally the day arrived.

All day her stepsisters (and stepmother – did no one tell her she was too old Cinderella thought uncharitably and then felt bad for having that thought!) were fussing with their hair and make-up until it was time to put on their gowns and leave. Her stepsisters looked stunning Cinderella thought, but just couldn’t bring herself to say that as she had been waiting all day for them to leave.

Cinderella raced up to the attic as soon as her family had left and pulled open one of her boxes to reveal a dress her mother had worn – it was the only thing she still had from her mother and she really hoped it would fit. She pulled the beautiful pink dress out and put it on – if fit beautifully, but moths had been at it and there were holes all over the material. Cinderella sat down and cried. Pulling off her dress she raced back down to the kitchen and sat on her hearth.

‘It’s not fair,’ she ranted at the flames, ‘I really wanted to go to the ball,’ and she burst into hot tears again.

‘If you really want to go to the ball then you shall,’ said a voice behind her. Stunned Cinderella spun around and stared at the lady who was standing in her kitchen with an ethereal light around her, ‘wh wh who are you?’ she stammered wondering if she was going a little mad.

‘I’m your fairy godmother Ella and you shall go to the ball. You have a good heart and this is the one thing you’ve asked for – I’m going to make it happen.’

‘But how, I’ve got nothing to wear and…..’ Cinderella shrugged her shoulders and sank back down onto the hearth in a defeated slump.

‘Ella, stand up,’ her fairy godmother commanded, ‘you’re a lady so stand up straight with your shoulders back and let me work my magic.’

Ella didn’t dare disobey and stood up straight really looking at her fairy godmother. ‘That’s better, now I think pink would be a nice color for you, don’t you agree?’

Ella nodded, not trusting herself to say anything.

‘Close your eyes Ella,’ her fairy godmother instructed and started to walk around her, ‘okay open your eyes now.’

Ella opened her eyes and looked down to see a beautiful ballgown she gasped and then ran up the stairs to look at herself in her stepmother’s full length mirror. ‘I look beautiful,’ she whispered to herself in awe. ‘You are beautiful Ella, inside and out,’ her fairy godmother said from the doorway. Ella turned this way and that to see how she looked, her blonde hair was in a gorgeous up/down do that framed her face and her dress was in two different shades of pink with blue (actually her favourite color) as an accent color.

‘Now Ella I need to tell you something very important so come back downstairs away from that mirror,’ her fairy godmother said and when they were in the kitchen she continued, ‘I have a horse drawn carriage outside waiting to take you to the ball and bring you home again, but there is only one condition. You must be home by midnight.’

‘Absolutely, of course, no problem,’ Ella breathed not wanting to wait another minute before leaving.

‘Ella, I mean it, if you’re not home by midnight there will be severe consequences,’

‘What consequences?’

‘You’ll turn into a zombie, and there’s no turning back from that. Midnight and not a second later – okay?’

‘I’ll make sure of it,’ Ella replied before impulsively leaning forward and planting a kiss on her fairy godmother’s pink cheek.

Excitement was making Ella’s stomach churn as she rode in her carriage on her way to the palace, she felt like she could hardly breathe – this was the biggest adventure she’d ever had. Little could she imagine how the evening would progress.

Ella entered the ball and saw hundreds of gorgeous girls in all of their finery – her step sisters were the other side of the ballroom and were busy preening themselves, talking loudly to make sure they were noticed. Ella accepted a drink and wandered around the upstairs corridor that would around the whole circumference of the ballroom enjoying watching everyone trying to outdo each other and smiling to herself. She was shocked when she heard a voice behind her – ‘Isn’t it fascinating watching them all trying to outdo each other?’

She turned and saw a young man who instantly made her heart skip a beat, Ella couldn’t speak, but that was okay because he continued, ‘would you do me the honor of accompanying me downstairs and dancing, I happen to know that my favourite song is going to be playing shortly.’

‘and exactly how do you know that?’

‘because any song that plays when I’m dancing with the most beautiful girl in the room will instantly become my favourite.’

‘oh, very smooth!’

‘so is that a yes?’

‘no, I’m sorry, I don’t really dance,’

‘That’s okay I’ll lead, there’s nothing to it,’ the handsome stranger sensed Ella’s hesitation before adding,’ please.’

‘Okay then, but if I tread on your toes you can’t complain,’ she laughed and the two of them headed down the main stairs and out onto the dancefloor.

Ella was hardly aware that the talking had stopped as everyone turned to stare at them, she was only aware of her dancing partner. She became aware of the whispering as the song was coming to an end and realized that she was dancing with the prince himself.

The prince commandeered her company all night and ignored all of the other women present, even her stepsisters (who didn’t even recognize her) couldn’t divert his attention away from her. It seemed like only a couple of hours had passed when the prince asked her to come and meet his parents and Ella looked at the big clock and realized it was five minutes to midnight.

She quickly pulled away from him apologising and saying that she had to go and then she ran outside, down the stairs losing a shoe in the process and practically fell into her carriage yelling at the driver to hurry. Just before her home came into view she heard a clock booming out the hour – midnight.

A sense of dread filled her and then everything went black.

Cinderella awoke to her stepmother and stepsisters coming into the kitchen talking nonstop about the mysterious woman who had commandeered the prince’s company all night. Thank goodness Ella thought, it was just a dream.

Her family were suddenly quiet and looked at her strangely, ‘Cinderella,’ her stepmother took a tentative step towards her, ‘are you okay?’

Ella tried to talk and realized that her words were all gabbled, she got up and when she walked towards her stepmother found that she was lurching. Then she saw the look of terror on their faces and realized that it wasn’t a dream after all – she was a zombie.

Her stepmother and stepsisters ran up the stairs – everyone always thinks that zombies are stupid and can’t go upstairs ….. they can, but Ella didn’t as she knew they’d have to come down for food.

Meanwhile the prince was trying to find out who his mystery lady was as they hadn’t exchanged names. A beautiful glass slipper had been found on the steps outside that Ella had lost in her haste and a plan began to form – he would send someone to every house in the land with the shoe to see who it fit – he was determined to find the princess of his heart.

It took a few days for the courtier to make it to Ella’s home and on that particular day the prince was accompanying him. Ella’s stepmother and her eldest stepsister had provided Ella with a nice feed of brains on the previous days but her youngest stepsister was still upstairs feeling rather faint with hunger when the doorbell rang.

Instead of calling out a warning to anyone she crept to the top of the stairs hoping that the diversion would help her to escape to safety. Ella walked towards the door as the courtier opened it and then stopped seeing her zombie state, the prince took one look and pushed his courtier aside.

Ella looked into his eyes and felt something light up inside, she was no longer filled with the need to feed there was something about this man that she recognized. ‘It’s you,’ the prince breathed, ‘my beautiful princess.’

Ella’s stepsister was on the last step of the staircase when she realized who was at the door, ‘ Oh no, this isn’t the lady from the ball your highness, it’s just my sister Cinderella.’

The prince looked at her and then clicked his finger at the courtier to get him to hand him the shoe, looking into Ella’s eyes the whole time he knelt down and slipped the glass slipper onto her foot. Ella’s stepsister gasped, amazed that it fit perfectly and then she noticed Ella’s dress (although it was now looking very tatty) and fell into a dead faint.

When she came to she was in a carriage on her way to the palace, the carriage in front was carrying the prince and Ella she was told by the courtier.

Obviously the prince couldn’t marry a zombie, but he kept Ella safe in the palace, visited her every day and fed her sheep and cow brains when she was hungry. Her stepsister who had helped christen Ella – Cinderella now referred to her as Zombiella and married the prince. She knew he would never love her the way he loved her stepsister, but she was a princess and that’s all she cared about.

Like This Fairy Tale?

If you enjoyed this fairy tale, then perhaps you’d like to buy the doll. If you were already thinking of buying the doll as a gift be sure to pass on the fairy tale to the lucky recipient as well.

 Once Upon Zombie -I’m Zombie Cinderella

I must say I absolutely love her eyes – they are a gorgeous shade don’t you think? The doll is 11″ tall and I think it’s designed to be a real collectors item (but that could just be me!).

Also available in this collection are Zombie versions of Belle, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Little Mermaid …… maybe one day I’ll share their tales with you.

For now you can just admire the look of the dolls –

 WowWee Once Upon A Zombie Sleeping Beauty Doll Once Upon A Zombie – I’m Zombie Rapunzel Once Upon A Zombie – I’m Zombie Belle Once Upon A Zombie – I’m Zombie Snow White Once Upon A Zombie – I’m Zombie Mermaid

Create a Zombie Cinderella Costume

If you love the idea of a Zombie Cinderella then why not dress up as her for Halloween, a Zombie Walk or some other fancy dress event? As a lot of people are unaware of the tale I’ve told above you’re probably best to base your Zombie Cinderella costume on the Disney version of Cinderella that we all grew up with.

Most people think of Cinderella wearing a gorgeous blue ballgown – I’m pretty sure it’s one of the reasons she was my favorite Disney princess when I was growing up as I loved the color blue!

The first step is to buy a Cinderella costume like this one featured below, next you just have to ‘zombify’ it otherwise known as trashing the costume to make it fit for a member of the undead!

 Disney Cinderella Adult Deluxe Costume

Luckily you can pick up Cinderella costumes fairly economically these days so it’s doesn’t seem such a waste to destroy the dress, but let’s start with your make-up.

You’ll need to give your face a grey complexion – no rosy cheeks for an undead princess! You’ll also want to make sure your hair is a little askew. The Zombie Cinderella doll’s hair is a little bit too tidy to my mind!

Depending on the quality of the hem in the outfit you have you may be able to tear the dress a little with your hands to give it a raggedy, tatty look. Otherwise grab a pair of scissors and do what your mother always told you not to do – play with them!!

Roll around in the dress on grass or dirt – pretend you’re a kid again and roll down a hill – it’s great fun and you’re ‘working’ on your costume. Spray or splatter some fake blood on the dress and voila! you have a cool zombie Cinderella costume.


You can now buy a Once Upon a Zombie costumes! Now I haven’t been able to find an adult Zombie Cinderella at the moment, but I have found a tween’s one so that you can see what they look like –

 Once Upon a Zombie Cinderella Child/tween Costume (X-Large)

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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

Jewelry gift ideas for tea drinkersIf you’re looking for some unique gift ideas for tea drinkers then what about tea inspired jewelry?   There are some beautiful pieces available that I’m sure would be appreciated by any tea lover.

From tea cup jewelry to tiny teapot jewelry, there’s bound to be at least one piece you fall in love with, personally I love the look of necklaces that combine both a teacup and a teapot like these two pieces …..


 Silver Tea Party – Tea Pot and Tea Kettle Pendant Jane Stone Mini Teacup and Teapot Necklace

These fun gifts for tea lovers seem to be divided between mini tea cup jewelry and tiny teapot jewelry so let’s have a look at them.

Mini Tea Cup Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

Whether you want to purchase a necklace or a charm or even earrings you can find tea cups for them to wear in style!

 Silver Plated Fairy Tale 3D Mad Hatter Tea Cup Cosplay Ring Tea Cup Jewelry Dangling Tea Cup & Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Union Jack Tea Cup Charm Fits Pandora Photograph of Steaming Tea Cup Charm Bracelet Silver Plated Tea Cup Design Fashion Jewelry Earrings

Tiny Teapot Jewelry – Fun Gifts for Tea Lovers

 Sterling Silver Tea Pot Pendant Necklace (18 Inches) Rose Gold Paved CZ CrystalTeapot Pendant Austrian Crystal Pendant Necklace -Little teapot Vintage British Teatime Dangle Earrings Molly Glitz Fun Mini Teapot Necklace Antiqued Pewter Teapot Earrings

Handmade Tea Inspired Earrings

Before I leave I wanted to share a couple of pairs of tea inspired earrings that I found on Etsy – a great place to find a cool and unique, handmade gift for anyone in your life.

 Tea Party Dangle Earrings Ceramic Tea Cup Earrings

I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun gift ideas for the tea drinker in your life, if you’d like some other ideas then what about some tea infusers?  I’ve compiled a great selection of Unique Tea Infusers to Fall in Love With that is bound to give you some more gift ideas for tea drinkers.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers



Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.